If you’re a social butterfly who loves entertaining guests, you out of all people understand the need to make them feel welcome as soon as they enter your house.

The foyer or entryway should make a statement about your personal style and you should focus on building the spirit of your house through this space. Since foyers are small, it takes a lot of planning to decorate them. If you don’t have the space for an entryway, consider buying a new house or making some adjustments to your existing one.

Here are some of the ways through which you can create the entryway of your dreams and leave a stunning first impression on your guests.

Decide on a theme

Work with the limited space you have, and create something fabulous out of it. Deciding on a theme will help you get started on the types of decoration and supplies you seek. You can choose between boho, monochrome, vintage, dramatic, laid-back, classic, homey, or any other theme that speaks to you.

Be Bold

Sometimes you buy pieces of furniture that don’t really match the theme of your living room. You can use extravagant ornaments in the foyer, which look too grand in other rooms of your house. Not only will they be aesthetically pleasing, but will also make your guests stop and look. Additionally, such statement pieces can be great conversation starters and serve to break the ice.

The Perfect Design for You
What is your routine like? What things do you require when you enter the house or when you are leaving it? Ask yourself these questions, and then design the foyer accordingly.

Keep your needs first, and opt for things you want present. If your routine entails mail checks as a priority, you should consider adding drawers to your entrance. Consider allotting a designated spot for your keys, so that you never run late while playing ‘where did I put my keys this time’.

Some people in Davenport also place a large mirror in the entryway, which is a great way to make sure you are dressed appropriately before you head out. A mirror also acts as a great accessory to lighten up the entrance, and add to the Feng Shui of the area.

Prepare for the Weather

Do you face extreme weather conditions such as harsh winters or frequent rainy days? If yes, then you need to prepare your entryway accordingly. Mats are a great way to add texture to the entryway, and prevent outside dirt from getting inside. You can place an additional mat outside so that everyone can scrape their shoes before entering.

You can also put storage bins and other useful items such as coat hangers and shoe racks. Customize these things by decorating them according to the theme you’ve chosen.

Personalized items

If you’re a family oriented person, you can hang portraits of yourself and your kids on the wall. These are a great way to let your guests feel welcome and at home. Some people also put their children’s hand-made paintings or drawings, to add a personal vibe. Not only does it add rustic charm to your walls, but also makes your kids feel important and appreciated.

Use fancy frames to light up the place, and make boring walls look interesting. Simple black frames add elegance, and you easily create them yourself with some black chart paper.

Use colors

While it depends on your preference and what type of vibe you are expecting from your foyer, you should definitely use colors to play with the overall look. When opting for a bold design, use bright or dark colors. Keep in mind that it must compliment the furniture and other decorations you use.

Warm colors are a great way to lighten up any foyer, as they instantly make you feel invited. Choose warm tones of yellow, peach, green or golden to paint the walls.

Create a soothing ambience

Think out of the box, and utilize materials that will create a peaceful aura. Scented candles or fresh flowers can do the job very well. Buy a pretty vase (or a plain vase and paint it yourself), and put some fresh flowers in it. You can take the flowers from your garden, or buy some. These add color to the entryway, and help it smell amazing.

Scented candles work perfectly in inducing a relaxed vibe. Additionally, smell association plays a significant role in serving your memory. An entrance with a distinct smell will undoubtedly create an impact in the minds of your guests.

While a good looking entryway has become a must have for homeowners that have a lot of guests, you should carefully choose a theme that appeals to you the most; because when all is said and done, you will be the one walking in and out of the entry way multiple times a day. Design your foyer not to represent your individuality, but instead complement your personality.

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