Living Near DisneyOne of the most common questions we get from people relocating to central Florida is, “what are the pros and cons of living near Disney?” To be honest, if you’re in one of the suburban cities and are looking at homes for sale in Winter Garden, for instance, then you get all the pros and almost none of the cons. However, if you’re planning to live next to the park, we thought we’d put together a list for you of the pros and cons of living near Disney.

Cons Of Living Near Disney


The most notable con to living near Disney is the traffic, particularly during the Summer, when 49 other states descend on Florida for vacations. Luckily, the attractions outside and the park itself are the main areas where traffic is particularly difficult. Unless…

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Moving To Central FloridaAnyone that’s ever been on a Florida vacation likely thought of having vacation home or moving here. Whether it’s the beaches or a trip to one of the parks in Orlando, real estate in Florida is sought after. If you’re thinking of relocating to Florida, then there are a few little-known facts that you want to consider before buying.

Central Florida is Affordable

Did you know that homes in Miami are more expensive than they are in LA! Florida has a wide range of properties and a lot of coastlines. When people think of Florida it’s often the beach, but most don’t realize that central Florida is very affordable and can often be within an hour of a beach. Homes for sale in Clermont, a suburb right outside of Orlando, for example, has some of the most…

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