Buying any home is a huge investment, and you may consider many factors when making a decision for your family. This can include whether to build a new home or buy an existing one and what your requirements, including size, are. The average-sized home in 2019 was about 2,500 square feet- but what if you need less space and prefer to build a new home in Davenport, FL? We will break down the average cost of a 1500 square foot home to help you determine if this is the right path for you.

What Can 1500 Square Feet Include?

Most of us cannot instantly visualize what 1500 square feet means, especially when it is in the shape of a house, which could include different features and stories. An average home of 1500 square feet will usually include:

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What Does Pending Mean in Real Estate

If you spend time looking at online listings of Champions Gate homes for sale, you’ve probably experienced the disappointment of seeing your dream home listed as “pending.” But does that mean all hope is lost?

A pending description means an offer has been accepted, but it is not a guarantee that the deal will go through. You can keep an eye on the listing and look for opportunities to swoop in if the listing remains available.

What “Pending” Really Means

A listing will be changed to “pending” when the homeowner has accepted an offer from a buyer. This means they may have negotiated on a price and other terms, and both parties have decided those terms are acceptable. There will be a contract executed that states the price, conditions,…

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How Much Does It Cost to Build a Pool?


If you asked people to describe their dream home, most people would list a pool as one of the features. This is especially true in Florida, where the weather is “pool weather” almost the whole year. But if you’re browsing homes for sale in Davenport, FL, you may come across a property you love with no pool. Rather than abandoning the listing or settling, many people will choose to purchase a property and then have a pool installed. Building a pool where there wasn’t one before is a large undertaking, and it’s important to consider your budget for homes if this is in your plans.

Decisions to Make Before Building a Pool

Once you have decided a pool is the next step for your home, your decision-making isn’t…

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Moving into a new home comes with plenty of stress, and the last thing you want is to feel like an outsider in your new community. But unfortunately, choosing a home doesn’t always mean the people nearby will be people who share your interests or values. And while disliking your neighbors is difficult, it can be even worse to feel like the odd person out in your own neighborhood. If you’ve moved into a new home in Davenport, FL, and are feeling like something may be off, there are subtle signs you can look for that may indicate some bad blood between you and your new neighbors. Below are some of these signs, as well as what you can do to make a better connection.

What to Look For 

Talking Behind Your Back 

Any time people are talking about…

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Does Paying Rent Build Credit?


Building and managing your personal credit can feel like a daunting task, especially if you are just starting out. One of the difficult things about the process is that without a credit history, it’s hard to get credit- which is how you form a credit history. In order to raise a credit score, people will search for a range of ways to show they have a reliable payment history, and in some cases, rental payments can be reflected. If you are looking to qualify for a mortgage to pay for new construction in Davenport, FL, your rent payments may be an asset.

About Your Credit Score

A credit score is a number assigned to each individual in the United States, designed to indicate your risk when it comes to credit, or…

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Should I Buy a House Now or Wait Until 2023?


As we begin 2022, most people are making resolutions of some sort. These could be as simple as drinking more water or reading a certain number of books, but many people also have large financial goals like buying a home. Recent years have seen the prices of homes rise sharply, and some people worry about if the market will crash or if they can get a better deal by waiting until 2023 or later. If you’re weighing a decision like this, you’ll need to consider not just the larger real estate market but also when homeownership makes sense for you. As you look for homes for sale in Champions Gate, we’ve compiled everything we know about when to buy a home and how to make that decision.

Real Estate in 2022

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The process of buying a new house can be overwhelming, full of paperwork, meetings, and financial stress. Once you’ve signed your contracts, there can be a sense of relief that it is officially your home, but there’s still so much to do. During your search for new homes in Minneola, you may not be thinking through all of the next steps, so we did it for you. This checklist will help you feel confident in the moving process and know what to prepare for as you make plans for the future.

Pre-Move Essentials

Before you move in, you’ll want to tackle a number of tasks upfront. Knocking these off your list can make the rest of the process run more smoothly.

1. Transfer Your Utilities

During the sales process, you should understand exactly what…

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How to Buy a House With Bad Credit

How to Buy a House With Bad Credit
Having a low credit score can make it more difficult to do a number of things- rent an apartment, get a loan, and of course, secure a mortgage to buy a new house. Poor credit can make you appear riskier to lenders, and they may assume you’re financially unstable or unwilling and unable to pay off your debts. However, this isn’t always the case- sometimes, not understanding how credit works or a brief rough patch in the past that required debt can lead to a deceptively low score. The good news is that you can still be a candidate for homes for sale in Groveland, FL, despite a low credit score.

What Is Bad Credit?

Everyone person is assigned a credit score on a scale of 300 to 850 that represents their debts,…

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