First-Time Home Buyers in Florida Should Take Advantage of These ProgramsBuying a home can feel intimidating and costly for first-time home buyers, whether you are looking to buy an older home or new homes for sale in Clermont, Florida. The good news, however, is that new home buyers have a variety of programs and resources available. First-time home buyers, active military personnel, and military veterans can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars by taking advantage of Florida’s homeowner programs that directly or indirectly lower costs associated with buying and paying for a new home.

Dispelling the Myth: First Time Home Buyers Exist

Before we dive into first time home buyer programs, let's discuss the truth.   Truth is, there is no such thing as a first time home buyer in the eyes of the real estate industry.   …

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Hurricanes, Florida, and Real Estate Everything You Need to KnowPlanning for natural disasters in Florida can be a part of home ownership, but it should not discourage potential buyers from purchasing a new home. Florida receives undue negative press due to hurricanes and tropical storms, but such storms – as well as other natural disasters such as tornadoes – can happen virtually anywhere in the United States. Just as a potential buyer would have to factor in the threat of earthquakes in California, a potential buyer in Florida should put in a bit of thought and effort when looking for their next home. Our team at Florida Realty Marketplace works with properties like homes for sale in Clermont, Florida and other parts of central Florida, an area that is far less likely to face natural disasters such as hurricanes.…

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Low Inventory of Homes for Sale Continues to Drive Up Orlando Area Home Prices

September 2020 Recap

Orlando-area homes continue to fly off the market this fall, as inventory remains tight, according to a new report from the Orlando Regional REALTOR® Association. Monthly housing report data from September 2020 reveals fewer homes and higher prices than last year (September 2019), with a 23.3% drop in inventory and a 10.2% increase in the overall median home price to $270,000.

"While spring is usually the busiest time for home sales, fall seems to show no signs of a slow-down. COVID-19 has changed the dynamic for 2020. We have seen mortgage rates continue to decline to an average of 2.74%, giving buyers additional incentives…

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When to Pay More Than the Appraisal Let’s say you found your dream home for sale in Davenport, FL. It has everything you’ve been looking for. You put an offer on the house, escrow opened, and the inspection shows the home is in excellent condition. However, when you receive the appraisal results, the value is some number less than the agreed-upon purchase price. What should you do?

It’s not often that a home gets appraised less than the purchase price. But it does happen. Here’s why it happens and what you can do if you find yourself in this situation.

Lower than the purchase price

Lenders base their loan amount on either the appraisal value  or the purchase price, whichever is lower. The price is usually renegotiated if the valuation is lower than the purchase price if the contract…

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Renovations You Should AND Shouldn’t Do Before You SellIs now a good time to sell your house? That’s what many people are wondering during this seller’s market. With so many people wanting to buy a house right now, many people are considering if they should sell their home. Maybe you have considered putting your house on the market while you look for homes for sale in Charles Cove. Whatever your reason is, you want to make sure you get more money out of it than what you paid for.

When it comes to selling your house, you want to be sure you’re getting the most value out of your home. But before you decide to put the “for sale” sign in your yard, think about how you can add greater value to your home. You could sell the house as is, right now, but you could choose to make a few changes that will give you more…

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Why Comparative Market Analyses Are Crucial When Buying A HomeHouse hunting is exciting, but the process of purchasing a new home can also be nerve-wracking. In a seller’s market, many buyers will find a house they really like, but then become anxious as they are not sure if their offer will be accepted by the seller.

How can you have the upper hand when it comes to bidding?

Home buyers that review a comparative market analysis from our agents have an advantage in the home buying process.  The CMA gives home buyers a better idea of the value of the home.  Even if you’re looking at new construction homes for sale in Windsor Island Resort, you can still use a CMA. Here’s how it works.

What is a CMA?

A CMA pulls data from surrounding properties and compares the information of each against the desired home. Having…

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