When is the Best Time to Sell Your HomeIf you’re in the market to sell your home, it’s likely that you’ve asked yourself this question. You want your home to sell quickly and for the best possible price, but is now the best time to go down that path?

There are lots of online tools available, such as a home value estimators or seasonal data reports, that can give you an idea of the best time to sell.

The time in which your home goes on the market may not always be up to you (if you’re moving due to a job transfer, for example). However, it’s helpful to know what contributes to a home selling quickly and when buyers are most likely to act. Keep reading to find out.

What Inspires People to Move?

Here are the top four reasons homeowners sell:

1. To Upgrade To A New Or Better Home


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How To Start a Real Estate BusinessZig Ziglar said, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail,” which is especially true as you get a real estate business off the ground. You have to have a plan if you want to succeed. Let’s look at everything you need to know to start your own company.

Licensing and State Requirements

To being with, you have to get your license for the state in which you plan to work since you can’t practice real estate or get paid without one.

Requirements vary from state to state, and some licenses reciprocate from one state to another. However, take the time to do the research first to make sure you understand the requirements.

Aspiring Kissimmee real estate agents have a list of things to do to get a license. They must:
•    Complete an approved, 63-hour,…

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Central Florida Real Estate News December 2019


November 2019 Recap

Orlando’s housing market in recorded 3% year-over-year increases in both median price and sales in November, reports the Orlando Regional REALTOR® Association. The association’s data also show that the inventory of homes available for purchase declined for the fourth consecutive month, with November’s 10 percent drop the steepest of 2019.

“Despite our ongoing inventory challenge, there are some very interesting forward-looking indicators this month,” says ORRA President Jeffrey M. Fagan, Watson Realty Corp. “For example, the pending sales tally is up 17 percent compared to…

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4 Helpful Tips In Preparing Your Home For Sale During The HolidaysFrom November to December, homeowners are busy decorating their homes for the holiday season. But what should homeowners do if they’re trying to sell their home in the midst of it all?

With all of the houses for sale in Haines City, FL, how can you make yours stand out during the holidays? Here are three things to do to help make this process a little easier.

1. Set Expectations

Showing Your Home

Your agent understands the holidays are busy, as do the agents showing houses. Make sure they know you need a little time to be ready for a showing. Don’t make it too hard on them but asking for a couple of hours’ notice is a reasonable expectation.

Types of Buyers

Also, know that you’ll likely face serious buyers only during the holiday season.…

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How Much Power Does a House UseYears ago, no one really gave much thought to the amount of power a house required. Most houses in a neighborhood used about the same amount of energy because they all drew power from the same places.

Today, however, many people who are considering buying one of the Davenport, FL homes for sale want to know if the house was built to be energy efficient. Some may even want a house that’s green certified or that has an array of solar panels on it.

Understanding how much power a house should use and how to reduce that power is important to many homebuyers. Let’s break it down.

Power Is Measured in Kilowatt-Hours

The first thing you need to understand is how electrical power is measured. The standard measurement unit is a kilowatt-hour, often…

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Often, homebuyers select a home based on its size, location, or price. However, if you’ve found several homes for sale in Winter Garden, FL that meet all of these needs, it’s time to start looking at the amenities each one offers.

In fact, you may even find a few amenities in a home that you love so much you’re willing to go a little over budget or be just outside of your preferred neighborhood to get them. Here are some of the top amenities to look for in a new home.

High-End Finishes

Marble countertops, real hardwood flooring, and ornate tile in the bathroom are considered higher-end finishes than carpet, laminate, and vinyl. If you see these more expensive finishes used in a home that still meets your price range, you may want to put in a bid…

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