4 Home Problems That Seem Scary but Really Aren'tIf you’ve found the perfect home for sale in Kissimmee, and the seller has accepted your bid, now all you have left to do is tick off the closing to-do list. But on this list includes the inspection.

No matter how great the home looks to you, an inspector is trained to find every possible issue. These can range from the foundation to the presence of mold!

But don’t freak out – while some of these issues can be major and require you to pull out of the deal, some of them really aren’t as scary as they seem at first. Here are four of them to think about.

Mold Can Be a Minor Issue

If your home inspector found mold, that doesn’t mean the entire house is full of dangerous black mold that will cause all sorts of health issues. It could be nothing more than…

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Does a Pool Add Value to a Home in FloridaLiving in the sunny state of Florida, many homeowners consider adding a pool to their property. There’s no doubt that they will get great use out of it, but for those who want to sell their home one day, they may wonder if a pool is worth the investment. Will it add significant value when it comes time to sell? The answer is yes and no.

If you look at the different homes for sale in Davenport, FL, you’ll see that houses with pools are typically selling for more than average. However, there are a few other factors involved, so don’t automatically assume that a pool is going to equate to more money in the end.

What Do Appraisers Say About the Value of a Home with a Pool?

If you ask an appraiser what adding a pool to your home will do to its value,…

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