New Homes For Sale in Davenport FL

Are you looking for a new home for sale in Davenport? It’s exciting to dream about these details, but the search can also be overwhelming.   There are so many websites to look at and most of them don't have the most up to date information.  There is simply not enough time for you to sort through all the details provided. Florida Realty Marketplace has all the listings you need to make your search for new homes for sale in Davenport, Florida easy, and we have all the inside track for all the new builds for sale in Davenport, FL

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More About New Homes In Davenport, FL

Getting a new home in Davenport, FL most likely means you'll be looking at a planned development by larger builders like DR Horton rather than a custom home built on land.   There are options for that but they are considerably more expensive.  When home buyers think of new construction homes in Davenport, FL, they typically are thinking of vacation homes or permanent residences.  While you might think that's pretty common to have those two choices, it's actually less common the further you get away from Orlando. 

New Construction Vacation Homes in Davenport

Purchasing a vacation home not only gives you a second residence to escape to, but it also provides you with the opportunity to build wealth, helping you to diversify your investments and plan for retirement. The most successful Davenport vacation homeowners are the ones that love the area, travel here often, plan for a future in Davenport, and rent the property out. If you use your vacation home several times a year or plan on spending most of the summer there, it makes for an excellent investment. Many people choose to buy a vacation home in Davenport because of how conveniently close it is to theme parks, golf courses, and other attractions. It’s easy to find new homes for sale in Davenport that are in excellent condition and are in an ideal price range.

The key to getting the right vacation home is understanding the different covenants and rules of the community.   No one knows those rules better than our team.  Our team has years of experience in the area, and we can help you find the perfect vacation property. Contact us today to begin the process.

Why Pick New Homes In Davenport?

Living in Davenport has all of the best benefits Florida has to offer. The population is small (6,470 in 2020), but it’s considered one of the fastest growing areas. It’s also among the most desirable places to live in Florida and offers many attractions and entertainment. Davenport is just a few minutes away from Walt Disney World Resort and ChampionsGate Resort. There are also many top-rated golf courses and golf country clubs in Davenport, as well as several well-known day spas and excellent shopping malls. Davenport also has many other fabulous attractions like hot air balloon rides, wetland tours, and zoos. And of course, there are lots of outdoor activities for hiking, biking, and walking.

Davenport Schools

The Davenport schools are admittedly not the city’s main attraction. However, there are a few higher ranked public district schools and charter schools. If your family is looking to make Davenport your place of primary residence and you are looking for schooling options, there are many private schools in Davenport. These schools get considerably better rankings than their public school counterparts.

New Construction Neighborhoods In Davenport FL

Whether you’re looking for residential property or a vacation home, you will find exactly what you need in our listings. New construction homes have many benefits compared to resale. The most apparent reason is that buying new means you don’t have to do repairs or renovations. Newer homes come with modern technology and better energy efficiency. Plus, buying new construction means you are more likely to have the builder provide you with incentives like additional upgrades or covering closing costs.

Homes For Sale in Davenport FL Neighborhoods

Davenport neighborhoods offer many high-quality amenities, whether you’re buying a one-story home, two-story home, condo, or townhome. You will find that all Davenport neighborhoods are a 20-minute drive to central Orlando theme parks and major roads. Residents who live here say it's not far from anything, and yet it is far away enough from traffic and congestion that many experience in the tourist areas. Dining and shopping options are in easy walking distance.

Making the process as easy as possible Searching for the right home is exciting, but the buying process can be challenging and stressful. You want to find the house that has everything you’re looking for with as little as stress as possible. And you also want to get the best deal on it, too. Our team at Florida Realty Marketplace has over 14 years of experience helping buyers and sellers in the central Florida area achieve their real estate goals. Our professional agents are specialized in new construction homes, vacation homes, short sales, foreclosures, and residential homes. You can trust Florida Realty Marketplace to make the process of buying your next home stress-free and simple.

New Construction Real Estate Experts In Davenport FL

Are you looking for homes for sale in Davenport, Florida? If you are going to relocate to Davenport, FL, then you are going to need the best Davenport Real Estate Agents. Look no further then: Florida Realty Marketplace. They are the top Davenport real estate brokerage. They list homes for sale in Davenport, as well as help buyers, find a home in Davenport.   Feel free to contact our team at 863-877-1915 and we'll be happy to answer any real estate questions about Davenport or the surrounding areas of Orlando.

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