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Wouldn't you love to move into your new home knowing you are the FIRST to live there? Buying a New Construction home offers a number of benefits that buying a home on the resale market can't.

Plus, many builders offer incentives like upgrades or help with closing costs making buying new construction an attractive option for those in the home market.

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New Construction Homes In Clermont

With over 20 new construction developments in Clermont, it's easy to see why it's growing so fast.   Builders like Taylor-Morrison, Lennar, KB Home, and Centex are just a few of the national builders building new homes in Clermont, FL.   Neighborhoods like Sawgrass Bay and Serenoa are established favorites.   They've been here for a while but still have room to grow.   Newer neighborhoods like John's Lake Landing don't have as many homes that are move-in ready but you can build from their selection of plans to get what you want. 

Why Buy A New Homes For Sale In Clermont?

New Homes Last Longer

While today’s homes are built to last much longer than you will ever live there, systems and appliances within those homes have a more limited lifespan. Buying a brand new home for sale in Clermont, FL affords you the assurance and pride associated with knowing you have the full life cycle of these items ahead of you. The confidence that important functions of your home will be working when you need them and not having to worry about fixing or replacing them in the near future is an invaluable benefit of a new home.

Beyond being brand new, these systems are also likely to include the most advanced energy-saving technology. This energy-saving tech is not only better for the environment, it can be a lot healthier for your wallet too, that’s a win-win. Better quality insulation, higher efficiency systems, and smart technology can help cut energy costs saving you thousands of dollars over the course of your home ownership and who doesn’t love saving money?

Clermont New Construction Is Smart

Speaking of smart tech, many new homes are coming with smart-home features as the standard option. If you have ever thought about equipping a home with thermostats that can be controlled by your smart phone, lights that turn on when you are almost home from work, and alarm systems that keep you and your family safer, then a new home may be exactly what you are looking for. Picking out and installing these systems into an existing home can get complicated and knowing that everything will be installed, updated, and compatible the minute you walk in the door is a huge stress reliever for the modern high-tech homeowner. 

Get what you want in Clermont, FL

The biggest benefit of buying a brand new home though is getting exactly what you want (and possibly even more than you ever expected!) and avoiding what you don't want. Customization is the name of the game when it comes to new construction and what can be available to you may be surprising if you’ve never looked into the options that modern builders can offer.

Today’s new construction builders have the ability to upgrade, customize and change nearly anything your heart desires. If you need a first story bedroom or a laundry room on the same floor as the primary bedroom, a new home builder will be able to show you the options to make that happen. If you like a certain style of kitchen that may not come standard, a simple upgrade package is likely all it takes to give you the brand new kitchen of your dreams.

These upgrades can often be covered by the builder as an incentive to buy from them during certain promotional events. But the incentives can go even further than upgraded countertops of cabinets. Many builders will even offer closing cost assistance for their buyers. This means less cash to close and less cash out of your pocket to buy your beautiful new dream home!

With so many benefits related to new construction, this is just the tip of the iceberg and it’s no wonder that buyers are becoming more and more excited about what new construction can offer them. The surge of new construction in the area gives plenty of options for anyone considering buying a brand new home and making it what they have always wanted.

Even if you've never considered it before, new construction is a fantastic option for anyone thinking about buying a Clermont, Fl home. Take a look below to see homes and communities with new construction opportunities available nearby!

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