Twelve days before Thanksgiving, Mark Meaney and his wife, Sue, decided to put their 109-year-old house on the market. They looked at comps of similar-sized homes near their St. Paul neighborhood, agreed on a price with their agent and waited anxiously for their first offer to roll in.

What's your Davenport FL Home Worth

Mark and Sue knew their timing wasn’t ideal. The holidays loomed, and the market was slowing; worse, St. Paul was entering its notorious subzero season.

The couple felt torn. After one year of searching for a new home, they had found the perfect place a few miles from where they lived. It was spacious enough to raise their three kids and had a first-floor bedroom and bathroom to accommodate Sue’s aging parents who could no…

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Moving To Davenport FL Relocation Guide

Is there ever a time where moving doesn’t inspire some small amount of fear in your heart? Packing up all of your things to move into a new area is rightfully nerve-wracking. After all, you’ll have to find a new place to live, new schools, and adjust to living within a new community. Doing research before you relocate can be a great way to inspire confidence in your decision and ease the tension slightly.

Many individuals consider buying homes for sale in Davenport, FL to enjoy the sunny weather and proximity to major tourist attractions. Of course, these aren’t the only draws that the area presents for new residents. You will want to know what the public-school system can offer your student, as well as what parks and activities, may be in the…

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