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Before buying your first home, there are plenty of people who will be feeding you advice — your parents, your friends, your real estate agent, your accountant, your psychologist — and although a lot of the advice may be repetitive, there are still so many important things that slip your mind. After one year of owning their first home, Reddit user tuttifrutty shared their advice and experience of home ownership. Not only does this list run through the basics, but it's also opening our eyes to many things we completely oversaw before buying a home. Below, we've shared the entire all-encompassing list of tips from a homeowner in Reddit user tuttifrutty's own words. Check it out, and make sure to keep this handy when buying a home!

  1. "Be clear
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2017 will be all about being nimble, responding quickly to market changes and keeping your clients informed

Key Takeaways
  • There is solid optimism about the housing market in 2017, with 27.43 percent of respondents saying they are extremely optimistic.
  • More than half of this survey's respondents (52.21 percent) expect President-elect Donald Trump to have a positive effect on the U.S. housing market.
  • A strong majority (71.24 percent) of respondents have plans to expand their businesses next year.
  • Nearly 50 percent of respondents think unit sales will go up in 2017, and 75 percent of those surveyed think that prices will go up.

Special Report survey respondents and some of the industry’s top executives were nearly

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NAR Pending Home Sales November 2016

Pending Home Sales Report Predicts Housing Market Growth

Home buyers are out in force, buying up homes just as fast as they come on-market -- and it's making it harder to find good deals on housing.

According to the National Association of REALTORS®, the November 2016 Pending Home Sales Index posted above its benchmark value of 100 for the 31st straight month.

A home sale is "pending" once it's under contract between a buyer and a seller.

It's not surprising that contract signings remain high. With today's mortgage rates lingering just above 4.0%; and with rents rising and lenders loosening mortgage guidelines, today's housing market favors home buyers in a big way.

Low- and no-down payments remain popular, and new programs such as

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For seriously delinquent, underwater homeowners struggling through the murky aftermath of the financial crisis, help is on the way in the form of a gift from the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA).

According to an announcement from the FHFA, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac will soon be required to offer principal reduction to certain seriously delinquent, underwater borrowers that are grappling with the after effects of the crisis.

The new offering, or the Principal Reduction Modification program, is designed to help struggling homeowners avoid foreclosure and stay in their homes, the FHFA stated.

The modification program was approved under FHFA’s statutory authority in the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 “to implement a plan that

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Minority home mortgages increased more than white home mortgages between 2013 and 2015 in several metros across the U.S., according to a recent report from Urban Institute. The report is quick to add that this increase was not without a “virtual roller coaster” of sorts starting with a homebuying surge during the housing boom and a large decrease during the housing crisis, before the increase beginning in the recovery.

“During that period, the share of purchase loans made to African Americans increased from 4.8 percent to 5.5 percent, and the Hispanic share grew from 7.3 percent to 8.3 percent,” say report authors, Bhargavi Ganesh and Ellen Seidman. “Minority borrowers hit the housing market at the worst time and while some have recovered, too many are

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The shares of cash and distressed sales in the overall U.S. housing market in September continued their slow march back toward pre-recession norms. The most recent look into nontraditional sales by CoreLogic showed that cash sales comprised a little less than 32 percent of home sales in September, while distressed sales made up 7 percent.

September’s cash numbers were down 1.3 percent from last year, having fallen steadily since their 2011 peak of nearly 47 percent. Alabama had the largest cash sales share of any state: at 47.6 percent. West Virginia and New York reported more than 45 percent, while Florida and Indiana each posted about 41 percent. Before the recession, about 25 percent of sales were cash, on average. CoreLogic expects the market to

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Christmas Lights can be found all around Orlando in the city’s communities and neighborhoods. Some of the best displays can be found in some of the city’s oldest neighborhoods of Delaney Park, Conway, and Belle Isle (See scenic drive in map below). There are not as many planned communities or cookie cutter homes in these neighborhoods and the older homes are mostly smaller in size so they are ideal for Christmas Lights Displays. These are completely residential sites so the best time for viewing is between the hours of 7 pm-9 pm.

Below is our map of Christmas Lights from Orlando Neighborhoods that have consistently had good displays each year. All of the selections below are great but we have given a ranking of lights on a scale of 1-10 with a value of

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buy a house while in credit counseling

Can You Get Approved For A Mortgage When You're In Credit Counseling?

If you're working out money management problems through credit counseling, that can be a good thing. But can you buy a house while in credit counseling?

What Is Credit Counseling?

Reputable, non-profit credit counselors can teach you to create and stick to a budget, get out of debt and save for the future.

If you start making payments on time and reduce your account balances, that should increase your credit score, and put you into a better position to get approved for a mortgage.

Incidentally, counseling agencies do not report to credit bureaus that you're undergoing credit counseling or any other consumer education.

Debt Management Plans (DMPs) Can Hurt Credit

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buy a duplex

Home Plus Investment: Why You Should Buy A Duplex

You'd like help with your monthly housing costs, but don't want a roommate. You want to invest in real estate, but rental properties can be difficult to finance. Why not buy a duplex and rent out the second unit? With the right home loan, you can buy both a residence and rental -- with as little as 3.5 percent down. 

Many people just like you are doing it right now. Multi-family residences -- duplexes, triplexes and four-plexes -- make up nearly 20 percent of all rental units in the country. And today's low rates can help you increase the return on your investment.

Loan Options For Multifamily Homes

If you buy a one- to four-unit rental property with a conforming residential mortgage,

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