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Central Florida Real Estate News - May 2020



April 2020 Recap

Orlando’s housing market in April saw its median home price increase 12%, while home sales dropped 28% in the first month to show an anticipated decline in activity as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Inventory experienced a year-over-year decline of 3%, reports the Orlando Regional REALTOR® Association. 

“Our market — like those nationwide — is grappling…

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5 Reasons Why A Home Doesn't SellWhen your home doesn’t sell, nothing could be more frustrating. All your moving options and time tables are in a standstill because the home hasn’t sold. Typically, after a home has failed to sell the homeowner lowers the price or switches agents. However, real estate agents and pricing aren’t the only reasons a home didn’t sell. Let’s look at the most common reasons why a home doesn’t sell.

Bad First Impression

Imagine for a second that you’re working with Florida Realty Marketplace and we have 5 homes for sale in Haines City to look at. Imagine that we just viewed some amazing new construction and now we drive up to a home that has ankle-high weeds and dead shrubbery in the front yard. What would you do?

You’d do what most people do. You’d move on…

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Top Selling Neighborhoods in Davenport of 2020You might think that real estate is down in 2020 but that’s not the case.   The great thing about real estate is everyone needs a home!  That sounds like quite the chipper outlook but there is a big difference between what’s happening now and what happened about 12 years ago.

When the real estate market crashed, it was in large part due to financial over leveraging and outright fraud.   We’ll likely see some repercussions in terms of foreclosures from people losing their jobs in part to the coronavirus outbreak.  This doesn’t mean that all the homes for sale in Davenport are going to go down.

Below is a list of the top-selling neighborhoods in Davenport based purely on the number of homes sold.  When we put together a list like this a few things stand out.…

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