Do realtors get a commission on new constructionMost of the time the answer to this popular question is yes. However, there are a bunch of factors that go into what gets paid to a Realtor and what builders offer.

While some home buyers looking at homes for sale in Clermont Fl are wondering if they will have to come out of pocket, most are asking for another reason. Generally speaking, when a home buyer asks, “do Realtors get a commission on new construction?” they are typically asking because they want a discount. We’ll cover if that’s a good idea or not as well. Then, we need to understand how builders make money and where their money goes.

Do I have to pay a Realtor’s commission?

The answer 99% of the time is going to be no if you’re the home buyer. In almost every instance a new…

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How Long Does It Take To Close On A HouseThis is a common question from home buyers and sellers alike. The reason it’s so common is that the answer is, “it depends.” In general, from signed contract to the closing table can take 30 to 90 days. In order to answer the question more specifically of how long does it take to close on a house, we have to define what “closing” is and look at what could possibly make the closing take longer.

What is closing on a house?

Closing on a house is the actual process of signing the new deed to the home. If you bought the home with traditional financing then you’ll be signing the deed to the home as well as a deed or note that gives the bank ownership of the home while it’s being financed.

This might seem a bit elementary. However, first time home…

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Can I Buy a Home in Florida without My SpouseAbsolutely! This may seem like an unusual and difficult question, but there are various factors involved when purchasing a home without your spouse.  Let’s take Kissimmee, there are many variants to consider when you are searching for homes for sale in Kissimmee. Will it raise or lower your taxes? If it does indeed lower taxes; it can affect your mortgage and retirement plans.  More savings for you!

Buying a house without your spouse can actually end up benefiting you. Mortgage lenders cannot discriminate against you buying a home with or without your partner due to the Equal Credit Opportunity Act (ECOA).  Buying a home alone can save you A LOT of money, hassle and time. Speaking of saving a lot of money, make sure to get the help of a home value…

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