Central Florida Real Estate Recap of August 2023

New Orlando Regional REALTOR® Association data shows market continues to cool as fall season approaches

August 2023 Recap

State of the Market

  • Inventory for August was recorded at 6,115, up 6.9% from July when inventory was recorded at 5,720.
  • New listings rose 6.1% from July to August, with 3,620 new homes on the market in August, compared to 3,413 in July.
  • The median home price for August was recorded at $375,000, down from $380,000 in July. This is the second month in a row that median home price has fallen.
  • Median home price in August 2023 was extremely close to August 2022, when it was recorded at $377,750.
  • Overall sales fell slightly – 2.1% – from…

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Top 10 Condos Near Disney World: Discover the Features & Benefits

Top 10 Condos Near Disney World: Discover the Features & Benefits

Picture waking up to the enchantment of Disney World just around the corner and then returning to the luxurious comforts of your own condo. Sounds like a dream, right? Well, that dream can become a reality with these top 10 condos near Disney World. Let’s explore the best condos to buy near Disney World, highlighting their prime locations, standout features, and the incredible benefits of living so close to the magic. Whether you're a Disney enthusiast or simply seeking a convenient and comfortable vacation home, these condos have something special to offer.

The Flats Resort & Spa Condominiums

The Flats Resort & Spa is an innovative hotel-condo concept that offers a fresh…

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A Guide to Choosing the Best Neighborhoods Near Disney World

A Guide to Choosing the Best Neighborhoods Near Disney World

Living near Disney World offers a unique blend of magic and convenience, making it an enticing choice for many individuals and families. In this guide, we'll explore the advantages of living close to the iconic theme parks and delve into the essential factors to consider when selecting the perfect neighborhoods near Disney World. Whether you're a family, a retiree, or someone seeking a change of pace, this guide will help you navigate the exciting journey of finding the ideal place to call home.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Neighborhood

Selecting the right neighborhood is a crucial decision that can significantly impact your lifestyle. Your preferences may vary based on your…

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What Cities Are Close to Disney World? Finding the Perfect Location for Your Home

 Cities Are Close to Disney World

Disney World is known as the "Happiest Place on Earth" and has enchanted millions with its magical allure. From the enchanting Cinderella's Castle to thrilling roller coasters and beloved characters, Disney World is a dream destination for families, adventure-seekers, and anyone seeking a touch of magic. For those who want to make the magic a part of their everyday life, choosing the right city near Disney World to call home is a crucial decision. Let's explore cities close to Disney World to help you discover the perfect location for your dream home.

Orlando, Florida

Situated in the heart of Florida, Orlando stands as a vibrant and diverse city with an…

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10 Best Resort Homes & Villas to Own Near Disney World

Best Resort Homes & Villas to Own Near Disney World

Disney World stands as one of the most cherished and popular vacation destinations globally, enchanting visitors of all ages with its magical allure. Beyond its captivating attractions and immersive experiences, there's a hidden gem that calls to those seeking a blend of luxury, convenience, and a touch of enchantment: resort homes and villas near Disney World. Let's dive into the allure of these resort properties, highlighting their advantages, factors to consider when buying, and a curated list of the ten best ones to consider.

Imagine waking up within a few miles of Magic Kingdom or enjoying fun in the sun oasis just moments away from popular Disney parks. The allure of owning a resort…

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10 Nice Towns to Live in Near Disney World: Finding Your Dream Community

One of the best places on Earth is right near Walt Disney World in Central Florida. Here, you will discover ten delightful towns, each offering a unique blend of amenities, attractions, and ideal lifestyles perfectly tailored to your desires. Embrace the Disney magic as you explore these charming locales, where a touch of whimsy meets everyday convenience. From the bustling streets of Kissimmee to the picturesque neighborhoods of Celebration, you'll find the perfect balance between enchantment and practicality. Let's uncover the hidden gems and explore nice towns to live in near Disney World.

The Advantages of Living in a Town Near Disney

Living in a town near Disney…

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Explore These 5 Gated Communities Near Disney World

Imagine waking up each day knowing you're just minutes away from the magic of Disney World while residing in the comfort and security of a gated community. Buying a home in a gated community near Disney World is an alluring proposition for those seeking the perfect blend of magical experiences and a safe, tranquil haven to call home. These exclusive neighborhoods not only offer enhanced security and privacy but also feature a wealth of amenities. From family-friendly features to proximity to world-famous theme parks, owning a home in a gated community near Disney World promises a life filled with excitement, comfort, and the opportunity to make lasting memories with your loved ones. Explore the…

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Central Florida Real Estate Recap of July 2023

New Orlando Regional REALTOR® Association data shows interest rates reach second-highest level in 20 years, impacting Orlando’s housing market

July 2023 Recap

State of the Market

  • July’s interest rate was recorded at 6.8%, up slightly from 6.7% in June. This is the second-highest interest rate in Central Florida in 20 years. October 2022 had the highest interest rate in 20 years at 7.0%
    • In ORRA’s new survey of Orlando REALTORS, 43% of respondents said that rising interest rates are the biggest challenge facing buyers, causing some buyers to wait out purchasing homes right now or look at lower price points.
  • Overall sales fell 8.7% from June to July. There…

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Finding the Best Area for Airbnb Near Disney World: Maximizing Your Rental Investment

If you're seeking to maximize your investment potential in the ever-popular vacation rental market, few places hold as much promise as the areas surrounding Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Boasting a magical combination of enchanting attractions, world-renowned theme parks, and a constant influx of tourists, this region presents a golden opportunity for savvy Airbnb investors. To ensure your investment yields optimal returns, strategic location selection is paramount. Let's dive into the best area for an Airbnb near Disney World and help you maximize your rental investment in Central Florida's booming real estate market.

What to Consider When Exploring Areas…

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Horizon West News & Info

225-Acre Everest Place Development Planned At 192 & 429 Intersection With Condos, Hotels, Retail, & Waterpark

A new 225-acre development is under construction at the southwest intersection of 192 and 429. The new Everest Place development plans to commercial space, medical building, multi-family apartments, condos, hotels, and a waterpark.

Committed to the project are Nickelodeon Hotels & Resorts, Mysk Hotel, and Shaza Hotel. The Mysk and Shaza hotel brands are 5-star hotels with contemporary-luxury spaces. The hotel group currently has hotels in operation or development in Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan. All of their hotel properties are alcohol-free and only serve halal food.

Everest Place Orlando…

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