Central Florida Real Estate Recap of May 2023

New Orlando Regional REALTOR® Association data shows rise in sales and median home price as summer selling season heats up

May 2023 Recap

State of the Market

  • Overall sales rose 13.9% from April to May. There were 3,150 sales in May, up from 2,766 sales in April.
  • Overall sales in May 2023 were 20.2% lower than May 2022 when there were 3,946 sales.
  • The median home price for May was recorded at $378,000, up from $370,000 in April. This is a $28,000 increase since January. Median home prices have increased every month this year.
  • Median home price in May 2023 was roughly the same as May 2022, when it was recorded at $379,950.
  • May’s interest rate was recorded at…

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