How Long Does a Home Inspection Take?

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How Long Does a Home Inspection TakeOnce you have decided to purchase a new home, you may be anxious for the sales process to move quickly so that you can move in and begin your life in a new home. It can sometimes feel like the steps, including home inspections, are keeping you from this. However, home inspections are very important to the process for both buyers and sellers. As you look at homes for sale in Groveland, FL, the below can help you understand what to expect from the home inspection and how long it might take.

What Is a Home Inspection?

Home inspections are inspections performed by professionals to identify any problems with a home or areas of needed improvements before a sale is complete. They may look for things like wood rot, mold, structural imbalances, broken appliances, and any other problems that could lead to re-negotiations or price changes.

A home inspection is not required by law but may be required by contract. If the contract stipulates the house is “as is,” this is not necessary, but otherwise, a buyer will usually initiate the inspection through their real estate agent, who can often recommend an inspector. The inspector will look for structural and aesthetic issues throughout the house. Based on these results, a buyer may be able to pull out of a contract altogether if they feel the issues were not disclosed or are too severe.

Inspections may also be a part of the appraisal process required by a buyer’s bank as a part of them securing a mortgage.

Who Performs a Home Inspection?

In most cases, the buyer’s real estate agent will hire an inspector to conduct the examination while the seller is not present. They may have a trusted local inspector who they know will provide honest results.

A seller could choose to hire a certified home inspector early in the process to secure their investment in order to avoid inconsistencies in their listing that may prolong or cancel a sale. They may also ask their real estate agent to refer them to someone local and trusted.

What Happens During a Home Inspection?

During a home inspection, the seller is usually not present so that they do not influence the process. An inspector will closely analyze the house’s major systems to look for health, safety, and livability factors. This may include anything crucial to the house’s functions, like the foundation, plumbing, heating and cooling systems, electrical wiring, and others.

Nothing cosmetic will be inspected, only the main systems that may influence the ability of someone to live safely in the home.

Factors Influencing Duration

Each home inspection can take a different amount of time, depending on a range of factors. Both the buyer and the seller may have reasons for requesting the inspection, which impacts the duration.

The house itself, including size and age, will be the largest factor. A larger house may have more elements to inspect, while older houses have a greater likelihood of having outdated plumbing, roofing, and electrical systems, as well as damage and mold that may need to be evaluated. Factors like the accessibility of a yard or basement could be important as well.

State legislation can also have an impact on the length of a home inspection. While no federal law mandates these, states may have requirements about how they are performed. This can include what is on an inspection report, especially regarding the repairs of homes in older districts with outdated systems, and varies from state to state. More involved requirements may extend the duration of an inspection period.

Average Length of a Home Inspection

It is important to consider the entire process of an inspection. This can involve finding and hiring an inspector, communicating between the buyer and seller, waiting 1-2 days for a report to be complete, and any negotiations. In a contentious deal, both the buyer and the seller may hire independent inspectors to compare. Most inspection results are good for 90 days to allow for these processes.

When it comes to the inspection itself, the answer is fairly straightforward. The average time of an inspection itself is 2 to 3 hours, though this can change. You can expect to add an additional 30 minutes for every 500 square feet of a house.

An experienced inspector may be able to work more quickly when they are familiar with an area, which is why it’s important to consult with your real estate agent on who they trust.

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