Should You Buy a House in a Florida Gated Community?


When searching for your next home, you may come across a variety of options that include gated communities. This type of residential community offers more than just a gate at the entrance and exit to the neighborhood. Owning a home in a gated community can be a great bonus for prospective buyers looking at Florida homes for sale with fantastic amenities and a solid return on investment. Consider a Florida gated community during your homebuying search and learn more about the nuances of owning a home in this type of neighborhood. We will provide you with all the details you need to know and help you determine whether a gated community is the right choice for you!

Decide Whether a Florida Gated Community Best Suits You with This Checklist

A Florida gated community will typically come with a variety of perks and amenities for homeowners in the neighborhood. While a gated community might not be for everyone, many prospective buyers looking for the following characteristics in their neighborhood will want to consider this option. Here are a few common questions and answers to use as a checklist to determine whether a Florida gated community might be the right choice for you.

Do You Prefer an Added Layer of Security in Your Florida Home?

Gated communities offer an additional layer of security so you can feel at ease in the comfort of your own home. Entrances to gated communities may have an actual metal gate or type of barrier that requires a passcode or your approval for non-residents and guests to enter. Some gated communities have security personnel that monitor the entrance and help make sure nobody is driving or walking into the community uninvited.

Do You Want a Quiet & Private Reprieve at Home?

Residents within a gated community enjoy a quieter neighborhood and additional privacy because the general public does not have access to the neighborhood streets and sidewalks. This makes the area quieter because there is no traffic or non-residents using your neighborhood as a cut-through to their intended destination. Along with restricted access to the community, residents enjoy additional privacy, including fencing and lush vegetation. Many gated communities are built with intentional space away from busy areas, so you can expect additional privacy.

Are You Looking for Resort-Like Amenities in Your Neighborhood?

Amenities can vary from one Florida gated community to the next, but they tend to include resort-like amenities that elevate the neighborhood. Potential amenities may include a pool, fitness center, clubhouse, playground or park, landscaping, and more. Some gated communities are built around golf courses, and residents enjoy exclusive access to golf courses. Gated communities may also offer additional features like trash removal, yard service, and cleaning for all residents.

Do You Enjoy Lush & Well-Kept Greeneries?

When you buy a home in a gated community, you will appreciate lush and well-kept green spaces and common areas. A gated community may require homeowner’s association dues that help take care of maintenance and upkeep in common areas managed by professionals. Residents of gated communities typically share a stronger commitment and expectation of well-maintained landscaping and building appearances.

Are You Looking to Sell Your Gated Home for a Higher Price in the Future?

Gated communities tend to draw higher home values than neighborhoods without these security features and amenities. When considering a home in a Florida gated community, you can expect that the value of the home will continue to increase because of the greater stability and quality offered in this type of neighborhood. Because gated communities offer a greater sense of community among neighbors, these types of neighborhoods have added value for both buyers and sellers.

Before Buying a Home in a Gated Community in Florida, Consider These Things

A gated community can be great for some homebuyers, though there are potential drawbacks you might want to consider. Here are a few examples of what to consider before buying a home in a gated community.

Tight Security for Guests Because of Private Neighborhood

Tight security is generally considered a positive attribute, though it can complicate the logistics of entertaining friends and family at your home. Depending on how the gated community entrance is set up, you might find yourself jumping through additional hoops to ensure your guests can come in. However, it’s important to remember that these additional measures you need to take are there to help stop too much traffic or unwanted people from entering the community without residents’ permission. This isn’t usually a deal-breaker for potential homebuyers but is something to take into consideration during your homebuying process.

Added Fees from Homeowners Association

Most gated communities have a homeowner’s association and HOA dues that fund various amenities included with living in the neighborhood. These HOA dues can be costly for some potential buyers, so you want to take these monthly or annual fees into account when looking at the purchase price of a home. Oftentimes, potential buyers will see the silver lining in these types of fees because you may not need a gym membership or lawn service when those amenities are offered in the gated community HOA package. In fact, some buyers and residents of Florida gated communities consider these dues as part of the exclusive charm of living in this type of neighborhood.

Gated Community Rules & Restrictions to Follow

Gated communities tend to have stricter rules and regulations that all residents must follow. Most neighborhoods with an HOA, even if they aren’t a gated community, will have certain rules and restrictions. For example, you may need to ask for permission from the homeowner’s association before changing the exterior of your home because the community values aesthetic consistency in the neighborhood. Another example might be that a gated community may not allow you to park your boat or recreational vehicles outside of the home where other residents can see. Talk to your realtor about the expectations for residents in gated communities you are interested in so you can get a better idea of what living in the neighborhood will be like before you buy. 

Finding the Best Florida Gated Community

It helps to weigh the pros and cons of living in a gated community. If the advantages of the gated community you are interested in outweigh any potential downsides, that can help you determine whether this neighborhood is the right choice for you. Talk to your real estate agent about homes for sale in Davenport, FL, and whether any of these are located in gated communities. Your Florida real estate agent can provide you with more information and help you find the best home to suit your needs.

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