How Long Does It Take To Build A House

Two things can happen when you start house hunting: either you close on a property or find the perfect lot to build your dream house from scratch.

If you take the second route, be prepared for a relatively lengthy process.

According to a 2018 Survey of Construction by the Census Bureau, the average completion time for a single-family home is a little over six months. But this can reach 8 months or more depending on how custom it is and who is making the building decisions.

If you can’t find a home for sale in Winter Haven FL that you like, and choose to build your dream home from scratch, here are some things that you will have to deal with throughout the whole process.

Factors that will affect how long a new home takes to build 


Before you can break ground and clear out the land, you will first have to secure authorization and permits from local building offices. You will also have to finalize plans and designs with your chosen contractor.

On average, securing papers can last anywhere from 30 days to a few months, but it will still depend on how fast the papers get processed and how complex the design of your house will be.

You can only start clearing the land of trees, rocks, and other obstructions after completing all the necessary paperwork.

After thoroughly cleaning out the area, you can proceed to rough grading and leveling the lot to create a good foundation. Based on the 2018 Survey of Construction, this part of the pre-construction period can last another month or two, depending on the size and stability of the lot.

Although this may sound like a discouraging amount of time, remember that going through this whole process the right way, lays the best possible foundation for your new home -- literally and figuratively. Not only will you have a smoother construction period, but also a more stable foundation for your house in the long run.

Construction Design and Workers

Building a home from scratch is a multifaceted process that includes the following steps:

  1. Laying down the foundation
  2. Framing the structure and building the roof
  3. Adding siding, wiring, plumbing, and insulation
  4. Finishing off with interior and exterior details

These are all necessary to create a strong and stable structure. Each step takes an average of a month or two to complete. Construction time will greatly depend on how complicated your design is and how fast your contractor works.

With all the construction factors and possible delays on the horizon, an already built home might be a better idea. Whether you build from the ground up or purchase an existing property, there’s something special about making your new house a home.

Weather and Region

 Another factor that can greatly affect your construction time is the overall weather in your area. Starting construction on months with relatively stable weather conditions might mean a shorter construction time compared to building a home in the middle of winter or wetter seasons.

The region where your house will be built is another factor that may affect construction time.

Building a custom home in the northeast can take about roughly 9.5 months from start to finish, while homes in the southeast can be built in 6 to 7 months. Additionally, building a home in metropolitan areas can take a shorter amount of time than those in more rural areas.

Building a house from scratch may take up a lot of time, effort, and money. But living in a house that fits your preferences and lifestyle perfectly still yields a great payoff.

Get professional advice before you make a decision

The whole construction process can get overwhelming and confusing. To help you make an informed decision, speak to a real estate agent who can provide you insights into whether you should buy one of the homes for sale in Winter Haven FL or have one built from scratch.

Agents of Florida Realty Marketplace will not only provide you with invaluable advice and expertise in finding the best home in the area but also help you speed things up for the best possible price. Contact us today to speak to a local real estate agent.

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