What You Need To Know About The New Home Walkthrough After the negotiations, the inspection, and the appraisal, the final walkthrough may seem anticlimactic. After all, by this time, you’re almost to the finish line. You’ve likely been through the house several times, so you have a really good idea of what you’re buying. But the final walkthrough is more than just a formality. It’s also not something you should skip or go through quickly. Even if you’re buying new construction homes for sale in Windsor Island Resort, it’s still important to treat the final walkthrough seriously. Here are a few things you should keep in mind about this process.

It’s a Chance to Make Certain All Repairs Were Completed

The final walkthrough is the last chance you get to make certain the seller has completed everything they agreed to. You and your agent should have a list of all the requested repairs from the home inspection. Make certain all of these things have been done to your satisfaction. In some cases, you or your agent may have already inspected some of this work. If the seller was doing a lot of work or has made large, complicated repairs, you may even ask your agent about doing a walkthrough earlier to check up on this work. You’ll still want to do a final walkthrough the day before or day of closing, though.

It’s Not the Time to Add to the Repair List

The final walkthrough is done the day before closing. Sometimes, it’s even done the same day if you’re closing in the late afternoon. Because it’s so late in the process, it’s not the time to start adding things to your seller request list. The seller has, at this point, committed to everything that was in the contract. You can’t add anything else to the list unless it’s new damage. For example, if contractors broke a light fixture while making other repairs, you can ask that the seller replace it. If repairs haven’t been completed to your satisfaction, you can also bring that up. Other than that, you can’t ask for any new repairs or changes made to the property.

Be Prepared

While some see the final walkthrough as literally just walking through the home, making sure everything is done, it’s more than that. You need to prepare yourself. Have your list of requested repairs and the home inspection report with you. While you’re likely excited to be owning the home, mentally you need to set aside that excitement. Don’t get caught up in thinking about paint colors or arranging furniture just yet.

You also want to bring a few things with you. First, you need a pen and paper to make a list of anything that isn’t done properly. Second, have a camera (or your phone) ready to take photos of anything that’s newly broken or not fully repaired. If there were issues with any of the outlets, you should also bring a hair dryer or other device you can plug in to test them.

Don’t Forget to Look Outside

It may be called a walkthrough, but you also need to do a final walk around. Check the exterior of the home, the gutters, and the roof. You don’t necessarily need to climb up on the roof, although you can if you want to. 

What If Something’s Wrong?

If you find something wrong during your final walkthrough, document them. Your agent should be with you, and they will take photos and very detailed notes. They will be able to advise you on what steps to take. Be aware that if any of the new damage or unfinished repairs are significant, your closing may be pushed back.

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