What Is the Average Square Footage of a 3-Bedroom HouseThree-bedroom houses are quite popular among a variety of homebuyers, from small families to young professionals to people easing into retirement. A 3-bedroom home has enough space for a young, growing family to raise children in, while saving for more space in the future. First-time homebuyers are also drawn to 3-bedroom homes for their versatility and space to share with roommates, family, visitors, and even a designated office space. Folks entering into retirement may want an additional room for visiting family and grandchildren. No matter what your reason, finding 3-bedroom homes for sale in Winter Haven, Fl, with enough square footage is an important aspect of the home buying process to consider.

The Ideal House Size for You

The average 3-bedroom square footage for a home is around 1,300 square feet in the United States. However, the area you are looking to buy a home may have a 3-bedroom square footage average that is higher or lower than the national average. The square footage of a home refers to all the lived-in spaces in the home, including bedrooms, bathrooms, the kitchen, living room, dining room, and even hallways and closets. Sometimes the square footage on a home might seem low, but when you get inside the space, you realize that the layout actually makes the rooms seem more open. That’s why you don’t want to only choose a home based on the size or square footage alone: the design style and layout of the home play a huge role in the ideal house size for you.

Calculating Square Footage

A licensed home appraiser will conduct an official calculation of the square footage of a home. The calculation of square footage will include the interior spaces of the home like bedrooms, bathrooms, and shared living spaces that are heated and cooled. The square footage of a home will also include spaces you might not consider, like hallways, closets, and even finished attic or basements. The square footage will also include homes with enclosed patios or sunrooms. The amount of floor space in a 3-bedroom home can differ from home to home based on the overall size and layout.

Average Square Footage of a 3-Bedroom House

The average square footage of a 3-bedroom house is around 1,300 square feet. When you are looking at 3-bedroom homes for sale in Winter Haven, Fl, you want to consider the square footage of the interior of the home and also the outdoor space as well. Many Florida homeowners take value and pride in the outdoor spaces of their homes, including patio and pool areas. While not factored into the square footage, these are spaces where you and your family may plan to spend a significant amount of time, which can make up for smaller indoor spaces.

Average Square Footage of a Bedroom

The average square footage of a bedroom is around 130 square feet, though the size of bedrooms can differ depending on the year the home was built. Older homes tend to have larger shared living spaces like living and dining rooms, while bedrooms may be smaller than the average bedroom square footage. Newer builds are often designed so that bedrooms can accommodate a full-size bed at a minimum. In many homes, the master bedroom will have slightly more square footage than other bedrooms in the home. Some 3-bedroom homes listed for sale may have a smaller than average bedroom that may function best for your family as a home office or play area for the children.

3-Bedroom Homes for Sale in Winter Haven, Fl

If you are searching for 3-bedroom homes for sale in Winter Haven, Fl, then talk to the real estate experts at Florida Realty Marketplace for assistance. Our team is invested in the local community with decades of knowledge and experience. You can also visit us online and find your new home by searching by criteria like the number of bedrooms and square footage. We can walk you through 3-bedroom home options and help you find the home with the best square footage to suit your needs.

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