Moving To Davenport FL Relocation Guide

Is there ever a time where moving doesn’t inspire some small amount of fear in your heart? Packing up all of your things to move into a new area is rightfully nerve-wracking. After all, you’ll have to find a new place to live, new schools, and adjust to living within a new community. Doing research before you relocate can be a great way to inspire confidence in your decision and ease the tension slightly.

Many individuals consider buying homes for sale in Davenport, FL to enjoy the sunny weather and proximity to major tourist attractions. Of course, these aren’t the only draws that the area presents for new residents. You will want to know what the public-school system can offer your student, as well as what parks and activities, may be in the area.

You can start your move out the right way by checking out your neighborhood and investigating what the town will bring to your daily life. Find out what Davenport, Florida can offer your family in the sections below.

Davenport FL School Information

Education should be a top consideration for parents who want to move their children to a new home. Their overall academic standing could greatly influence their future potential when it comes to college admissions and early success in their career. You want your child to be prepared for the real world by receiving a top-notch education in their mandatory schooling.

To be honest, based on the statistical data alone, this could be a difficult feat for parents who are considering moving into the Davenport, Florida area. Great schools are relatively difficult to come by in the public-school districts, so you will have to take caution. Consider the ages of your children and where they will attend school before you make a commitment to move to Davenport, FL.

Only one school in the area receives a score of six or higher, according to the rating scale established by GreatSchools. This lone school, the Davenport School of the Arts, serves grades pre-K through eighth grade. It received an overall score of eight, which is really quite high compared to the surrounding schools.

The Davenport School of the Arts is a part of the Polk County School District. If your child is in one of the grades served by this school, it would be a wise idea to try to select a home that would allow possible attendance here. It is the highest-ranked school in the city, and it offers an intensive program that focuses on the arts. In a time where most schools are slashing their fine arts programs, the Davenport School of the Arts still has several important programs, including:

  • Dance
  • Drama
  • Piano
  • Strings
  • Band
  • Visual arts
  • Choir

The other two elementary schools in the area serve students through grade five, and they receive scores five and three (Horizons Elementary School and Loughman Oaks Elementary School respectively). If you cannot qualify for the Davenport School of the Arts, Horizons Elementary isn’t necessarily a bad choice either.

The high school is what will likely concern parents the most when it comes to their child’s education. Only one option exists in the Davenport area, and that is the Ridge Community High School. It has a rating of just three due to underachievement in a broad range of categories. The students here demonstrate consistently low test scores, a lack of progress, and a huge gap in equality between disadvantaged students and their peers.

This may not be the best area for parents who have older children who will be entering high school in the coming years. It could result in lower achievements and a more difficult time preparing for the college experience if you base all your decisions on what you read on the internet.  With all of our clients, we highly recommend school visits.  Sometimes statistics don't reflect reality. 

Many students may not be zoned to attend schools that are actually located in Davenport, FL itself. This city actually belongs to the Polk school district, so it’s possible that students may not need to attend these lower-rated schools. The schools in this county rank significantly higher than those that are specifically within the city limits of Davenport.

Bear in mind that parents are allowed to request a transfer to a different school in the state of Florida. The school board in each district may allow the parents to request a transfer to a better school under some circumstances, including whether the selected school has availability for your student. While this isn’t a guarantee, the right to choose your child’s school should play a big role in where you move.

Davenport FL Parks and Recreation

Relocate To Davenport FLSpending time with your family in and around the community is one of the things people look forward to most when relocating to a new area. They want to explore the new scenery and experience new hobbies that they couldn’t enjoy in their previous place of residence. When it comes to moving to Davenport, Florida, you aren’t going to be disappointed with all of the parks and recreational activities available.

Many of the parks in and around Davenport, FL have lots of open green spaces to enjoy a picnic lunch or play a quick game of football. Few of them have elaborate playgrounds, swimming pools, or many of the attractions that other cities may offer. Part of the beauty of relocating to Davenport, FL is the simplicity of the town as a whole.

Families who want to spend an afternoon in the park can visit one of these facilities to enjoy the beautiful sunny weather:

  • Jamestown: Playground, picnic tables, and a basketball court
  • Wilson Park: Splash area, walking paths
  • Adair Field: Softball field, covered tables
  • Lake Play: Playground, picnic tables, fishing
  • Lewis Mathew Complex: Softball fields, baseball field, football field, basketball court, picnic tables

There aren’t many other things to do in Davenport, Florida specifically. However, many people still choose to call this city home because of its proximity to other major towns with more popular attractions. For example, Davenport is extremely close to Kissimmee’s Bob Makinson Aquatic Center and Lakefront Park.

You are also relatively close to Orlando (less than an hour away). Here, you will find many popular attractions like Busch Gardens, Legoland Florida, and the Walt Disney Resort. By making a move to Davenport, Florida, you can be close to all of these major destinations without being located in the central hub of all the tourism. It will cut back on your traffic and your cost of living.

The other major draw for those who are considering a move to Florida is the proximity to beaches. Even from Davenport, you’ll never be too far away to spend a day by the seashore, soaking up with the sun and waves.

No matter what your hobbies are, you can definitely find something to do in the local area surrounding Davenport, Florida. You can enjoy the beautiful weather, seek out adrenaline-pumping rollercoasters, or relax with an afternoon in the park. The choice is completely yours when you relocate to this beautiful area.

Davenport FL Housing Prices

Real Estate Statistics

Average Price $454K
Lowest Price $79K
Highest Price $1.4M
Total Listings 1,959
Avg. Days On Market 101
Avg. Price/SQFT $216

Property Types (active listings)

Housing is easily one of the largest expenditures when making a major move with your family. Whether you choose to purchase a home, rent an apartment, or stay with a friend until you sort things out, the costs will add up quickly. Before you head into the area, you need to ensure that you can actually afford to stay.

If you’ve been thinking about making a move to Davenport, Florida, you may not want to keep dragging your feet. Experts have already seen the housing prices make a major leap over the past year. In fact, home values are estimated to have increased by more than 9.3 percent last year.

The trend is predicted to continue with an additional five percent increase over the course of the year. Individuals who may be on the line regarding what they can afford to purchase may want to consider moving quickly before the increase continues.

Currently, the median home value in Davenport, FL is valued at $188,600. This is relatively reasonable compared to areas with a much higher cost of living. However, it is higher than the median home value in the nearby Kissimmee, FL ($174,600).

The homes for sale have a much higher value though. The median list price of all homes for sale in the Davenport, Florida area equals $245,495. This substantial increase could put the cost of a new home out of your budget, particularly when compared to the actual home values for the area. Compared to the list price for Kissimmee, these homes are actually priced slightly lower by approximately $3,000.

Renting is another option for those who can’t afford to purchase a home or don’t plan to stay in the area long-term. On a monthly basis, you can expect to pay roughly $1,445 in rent costs.

Here's a list of the most popular Davenport Fl Communities to move to. 

Low Crime Rate! 

Fortunately, you can rent or purchase a home almost anywhere when you move to Davenport, Florida. Unlike other popular destinations in the state such as Kissimmee, Davenport has relatively low crime rates. This makes it a much safer environment that gives you more freedom to choose where you would like to reside.

Cost of Living Comparison

Apart from housing expenses, the other major financial consideration you must make is the overall cost of living. Money won’t spend the same as you travel across the country, so it’s essential to evaluate how expensive the area truly is. How does the cost of living in Davenport, Florida compare to the cost of living across the country?

The best place to turn when evaluating the cost of living is Sperling’s Best Places. Their rating scale compares each city to the national average when ranked according to housing costs, food, healthcare, transportation, and other necessities. The national average is 100, but other towns will come in either higher or lower. A higher number represents a higher cost of living and a more expensive area.

According to this rating scale, how would a move to Davenport, Florida affect your overall finances?

Moving To Davenport FL

The cost of living in this area is actually relatively low, rated at just 97.50. The largest factor that contributed to their low score is the cost of housing in the area. For a studio apartment, rents appear to be very much in line with the state and country averages. However, anything larger than a studio apartment shows a substantial difference between Davenport and the remainder of the state and country.

Davenport, Florida consistently ranks lower in rent costs than the average for other areas. This could be great news for potential residents, especially considering that housing expenses are typically the largest ones that you will need to plan for prior to a move.

Making this move could give you an opportunity to put more money away in your savings account on a monthly basis. A low cost of living area is a great way to get ahead financially, whether you’re planning to save for a home or pay down credit card debt. If you can obtain a well-paying position in the area, this move could be financially savvy.

Moving To Davenport FL Relocation Guide Conclusion

Moving to Davenport, Florida will require careful consideration for prospective residents. It offers a low cost of living area that could be ideal for gaining firm financial footing. However, it comes with a trade-off in terms of local parks and recreation as well as the school system.  When you take into account all the positives and even the negatives it's no wonder why Davenport makes a great place to retire to.

Before you plan a move to Davenport, FL, you should consider whether this is the right choice for you. Weigh what is most important to you and list your priorities. This way, you won’t be disappointed when you consider what Davenport can or cannot offer your family. 

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