Haines City Relocation Guide

Moving to the warm climate and welcoming community in Haines City sounds great. However, beyond the weather, there are many factors to consider to make sure it’s the best fit for you and your family. Ask yourself: “Is relocating to Haines the best thing for my family?” To help you answer this, you should consider Haine City’s economy, schools, parks and recreation, housing prices, cost of living, and other factors. Here at Florida Realty Marketplace, we get a lot of inquiries about those considerations from our clients who are looking for homes for sale in Haines City. To help you and other families who want to relocate, we will break down each of those factors in this article. We want you to get a clear, realistic picture of Haines City and what life is like living here.

Haines City Economy

Employment is not a problem around here. Aspiring workers, however, need to gain more skills and enroll in continuing education for job security. According to McKinsey Centre for Government, the right skills are in short supply, not the jobs. As a result, they have pushed to eliminate the notion that employment comes after education. It should be the opposite, they said. Of course, one factor that retains job security is a favorable location, as well. Fortunately, if you’re already eyeing homes for sale in Haines City, you’ll land on a safety net. Their recent and future job growth is higher than the average in the US. In addition, their unemployment rate is only a percent lower than the national average rate of 3.6%. Therefore, if you’re not too confident with your acquired skills, you can still take the time to study short courses online before you relocate. The economy in Haines City is strong, and you should take advantage of it the best way possible.

Haines City School Information

Education doesn’t end in school; it’s a lifelong endeavor. Therefore, you need to choose for your children that will provide them with guidance and to mold them into responsible, well-rounded adults. This will make living in one of the fancy homes for sale in Haines City worth the price. In Haines City and nearby areas in Polk County, several schools are well-known for their excellent academic programs. There are also plenty of schools with below-average scores and niche institutions.

  • Chain of Lakes Collegiate High School - CLCHS is highly rated in multiple areas such as health & safety, diversity, academics, and college readiness. 45% of their pupils are well-versed in Maths. If you’re looking for homes for sale in Haines City, you’ll find it useful to know that it’s only 19 minutes from Haines.
  • Magnolia Montessori Academy - MMA is another institution with high ratings in academics and diversity. Their students are proficient in Reading and Maths. It’s situated 35 minutes away from Haines City.
  • South McKeel Academy - Located in Lakeland, SMA’s students enjoy a suburban lifestyle. They score high in reading and Maths as well. One reviewer praised their students’ affinity for using technology such as iPads, starting from the Kindergarten pupils. It’s located 35 minutes away from Haines City.

Haines City Parks and Recreation

Relocate To Haines City FLWhen school’s out, there should be alternatives for fun. And Haines City has several to offer, well-maintained and intelligently designed parks. When you’re eyeing homes for sale in Haines City, such features boost a location’s livability factor. In a city, parks and recreation is an important element. It signifies that an area is livable, especially for families with young kids and pets that need constant walking. In addition, according to Eastern Kentucky University, Parks and Rec, collectively, is one of the top reasons why businesses relocate. If you’re going to look for homes for sale in Haines City, you’re going to observe that the residents particularly love their parks. The Lake Eva Community Park and 8 Acre Neighborhood Park, especially, are kid magnets with their dewy, grassy pavements and fun, colorful playgrounds. As for recreation, the local government also hosts a few gatherings for all ages. You and your kid can enrich your lives with the athletic, cultural, wellness, and community outreach activities.

Haines City Housing Prices

If you want to relocate to Haines City, you must not wait long. Property prices have significantly risen over time. In general, rising property prices are a good sign, this is partly due to all the new construction in Haines City. This means people are making a good profit and they can afford to buy properties, thus they spend more. This leads to a flourishing economy. As for Haines’ property market prices and values, here’s what we found out:

  • Median home value is $179,900,
  • The median price of listed homes is $216,495 and
  • The median price of homes sold is $185,700.

Knowing about these prices and values will help you identify the trends and performance of Haines City’s real estate market. Nevertheless, be wary that the high prices don’t equate to high values. To figure out which of the homes for sale in Haines City have the best value, you can contact us here at Florida Realty Marketplace. One of our qualified agents will gladly help you with an appraisal.

Where does Haines City fall on the cost of living index?

The cost of living is a helpful tool that measures expenses between different states. Based on a US average of 100, Haines City’s cost of living is 99.2. In this logic, if it’s below than 100, that means living in Haines City is still cheaper than the US average. Still, given that this is an index, it doesn’t mean all your specific expenses will be lower than those of the national average. To determine your exact cost of living in Haines City, you can use online calculators such as Bankrate, CNN Money, and Consumer Price Index. According to The Balance, these tools are known to accurately calculate the cost of living in the US.

Haines City Neighborhood Directory

When looking for homes for sale in Haines City, you can choose from any of these  neighborhoods, including popular choice, Calabay Park At Tower Lake:

Your Haines City relocating checklist

  1. Finalize your budget - Moving is already a pricey expense; it can cost you more than $4,000. Therefore, months or even a year ahead of moving, plan your budget accordingly. Consider all your expenses from moving to unpacking in your rental, if you’re planning to lease one.
  2. Pay a visit to Haines City - While searching for homes for sale in Haines City, you can book a hotel room in the area to test the city’s vibe and explore its neighborhoods. In addition, you should hire a local guide to visit underrated spots, besides the tourist attractions.
  3. Find schools - You can choose from any of the schools we listed above. Alternatively, you can also check out other highly-rated Haines City schools in GreatSchools.com. Make sure to book an appointment with the school counselor ahead of your visit.
  4. Start searching for houses - Before visiting Haines, you can hire our agent for primary evaluation of your needs in a house. You can also check out our listing for the best homes for sale in Haines City.
  5. Prepare the necessary licenses - These could be your legal domicile for your taxes, a new driver’s license, and even pet license. You can get your driver’s license from the Tax Collector's Office for Polk County.
  6. Contact moving companies - Get in touch with a couple of movers before settling down on one. The key here is to hire reliable service providers. Make sure you’re entrusting your things to a trustworthy removalist. 

Is moving to Haines City, Florida the right choice for you and your family?

After reading this guide, you should have enough information to roughly gauge whether Haines City meets the expectations. It offers attractive suburban living, picturesque views, year-round sunny weather and a great sense of community. If these features tick your boxes, circle Haines City on your map and start making plans to move.

Let us help you build a new life by finding a new home.

If you’re interested in making a move to Haines City into a serene family-friendly environment ideal for raising children, give us a call. Florida Realty Marketplace specializes in providing you with a no-hassle buying process. If you’re coming from out of town, our qualified agents can perform an evaluation based on your specs and narrow things down in time for your arrival to check houses in person. This ensures the best selection of neighborhoods and homes to consider that most closely match your specifications.

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