8 Things Good Realtors Do For Home SellersAn old adage states that the three most important factors in real estate are location, location, and location. At Florida Realty Marketplace, we believe that there’s a fourth factor that is far more important: providing high-quality customer service to our clients. Whether you’re looking for homes for sale in Windsor Island Resort, or you’re looking to sell your property, the real estate process can be intimidating and confusing. If you’re looking up how to "sell my house", check out these eight things that our realtors do to properly represent the seller and negotiate the best deal.

Choose The Best Listing Price

A good realtor will know how to calculate a price that is fair to the seller and attractive to the buyer. This task can be a balancing act for the realtor; an excessively-high price could deter potential buyers, whereas deliberately setting a low price is a disservice to the seller that will also hurt the reputation of the realtor. Even when the realtor opens with an ideal price, both the realtor and the seller will have to be prepared to deal with buyers ready to haggle, so the listing price might not be the final price.

Advertise Aggressively

A realtor can greatly increase the chances of a sale by smart, targeted, and relentless promotion of the property for sale. For photos of the property, hiring a professional photographer is often preferable to the photos that the realtor and seller would take. The realtor should be internet-savvy enough to list the property on multiple websites, apps, and social media. The supporting write-up for the property should be professionally-crafted and free of embarrassing errors such as typos and geographical mistakes.

Communicate Quickly and Frequently

In every aspect of life, communication is key. This is especially true when it comes to selling a home. It is a mistake for a realtor to only communicate with a client once at the beginning of the process and once an offer has been made. Good realtors will check in regularly with sellers, as well as responding promptly to sellers’ messages.

Insist on Pre-Approved Buyers

Pre-approved buyers have submitted their credit report, income verification, and proof of employment to a bank that has responded with a written certification of the buyer’s credit worthiness. Buyers with anything less than a bank-backed pre-approval is a risk at best and a waste of the seller’s time at worst.

Advocate for the Client

Good realtors put the seller’s needs above their own. The realtor should be open to negotiate factors such as the final price, contingency dates, and closing times. Again, communication between the realtor and the seller is vital to ensure that the seller is satisfied with the final agreement.

Be Present for Home Inspections

The realtor should be present when a home inspector assesses the seller’s property. The main reason for the realtor’s attendance is to take notes on the inspector’s verbal findings and conclusions. If there is a discrepancy between what the inspector says and what the inspector writes in the report, the realtor can prevent the buyer from using the incorrect information to gain unwarranted concessions.

Be Present for the Home Appraisal

The realtor should also attend the home appraisal. In addition to the seller, a good realtor will be able to answer an appraiser’s questions, such as which recent upgrades were made to the property. This is also an opportunity for the realtor to advocate for the property and potentially increase the asking price of the property.

Take Care As Much of the Closing Business as Possible

Transferring property from one person or group to another is a tiresome and complex process. A good realtor will save the seller time, money, and frustration by performing as much of the closing tasks as possible. Items that the realtor can address include tending to the smoke and carbon monoxide detection certificate and performing the final readings for water, sewage, and electricity.

Let Our Realtors Help You

Florida Realty Marketplace’s team of professional realtors is ready to help Central Florida residents find a new vacation home or short-term rental property. We currently have homes available in Windsor Island Resort in Kissimmee, FL and throughout Orlando.  

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