7 Little Known Facts About Buying A Home In Central Florida

Posted by Florida Realty Marketplace on Monday, April 6th, 2020 at 8:49am

Moving To Central FloridaAnyone that’s ever been on a Florida vacation likely thought of having vacation home or moving here. Whether it’s the beaches or a trip to one of the parks in Orlando, real estate in Florida is sought after. If you’re thinking of relocating to Florida, then there are a few little-known facts that you want to consider before buying.

Central Florida is Affordable

Did you know that homes in Miami are more expensive than they are in LA! Florida has a wide range of properties and a lot of coastlines. When people think of Florida it’s often the beach, but most don’t realize that central Florida is very affordable and can often be within an hour of a beach. Homes for sale in Clermont, a suburb right outside of Orlando, for example, has some of the most affordable, new homes in the country!

There Is More To Orlando Than Parks

When homebuyers think of central Florida, they either think of the wetlands or the Parks. What’s great about central Florida real estate is that you can have access to both. Orlando is full of parks and many wonderful things to do and with that comes to traffic. However, most would-be homebuyers don’t realize there are several suburban areas around Orlando that aren’t busy and can accommodate a wide range of lifestyle options. Whether you want convenience, condos or cul-de-sacs, there are literally cities next door that offer that.

Deed Restrictions Are Complicated

Anyone relocating to Kissimmee, for example, is going to likely be surprised at the number of homes that have restrictions. Some communities don’t allow vacation rentals, while other welcome rentals, still others even manage the rentals for you.

To make matters a bit more complicated, some developments have “enclaves.” Enclaves are smaller mini neighborhoods inside a larger one. These enclaves can have special restrictions that are different from the whole community. A community like ChampionsGate is a good example of this. There are condos with restrictions, single-family homes, and some homes that have age restrictions all over.

Unfortunately, as wonderful as the internet is, it doesn’t do a great job of showing you homes with restrictions. Your best bet is to get a real estate agent that specializes in selling in central Florida.

HOA Dues Might Be More Than You Expect

Your association dues might be more than you’re used to if you’re relocating from out of state to Florida. Association dues cover the amenities and management of a given subdivision. The more the amenities, the higher the fees in most cases. The unfortunate thing is that HOA or Condo Dues are often included in the calculations that determine whether you can afford the home or not. Effectively limiting your purchase power. This can often surprise the would-be buyer of Davenport homes.

Insurance Can Be Expensive, But Not Always

Every year during hurricane season Floridians worry not about the actual damage of the hurricane but rather insurance premiums increasing. It’s a fact of life that living on the peninsula can put you in the hurricane’s path, but actual damage is rare relative to the large number of people living here. Insurance is high on the coast but isn’t quite so high in central Florida. Keep in mind that insurance is something that gets factored into your financial capability to buy a home and therefore affects your purchase power. Yet another reason to consider moving to central Florida.

Florida Is A Homestead State

We just covered some of the more expensive things going on in Florida, how about some good news?!

Homestead states are states that offer a tax incentive to people who live in the state. It’s one of the many benefits of moving to Florida. Residents can file for a homestead exemption worth up to $50,000, as long as the home is their primary residence.

The Florida homestead exemption reduces the amount of property taxes Florida homeowners must pay and limits how much their taxes can increase each year. You can check out the rules and restrictions here. It’s not going to be THE reason you move here, but it’s a nice perk to have if you decide to live here (vs buying a vacation home).

No Attorneys At The Closing

If you’re coming from a northeastern state like New York, it might surprise you to know that there are no attorneys at the closing! In Florida, we close at title companies. The reality of real estate is that the entire transaction is usually underwritten by title insurance companies. Title companies are the ones that ensure the loans and subsequently write or influence all the paper you sign at closing. In Florida, they just decided to cut out all the middlemen and let the title company close. Let’s be honest, how many times has a closing attorney made changes to documents during a closing. (Never)

If you’ve ever considered moving to Florida or buying a vacation home here, consider central Florida. Whether it’s a vacation home in Davenport or a townhome in Clermont, there are many options. Most of these options are not only minutes to all the parks and entertainment in Orlando but are also with a drive to the beach.

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