Move To Kissimmee FlThe idea of moving somewhere warmer appeals to many families. Relocating to Kissimmee, Florida could provide just the opportunity you’ve been looking for in order to take advantage of sunny beaches, waterfront properties, and warmer weather. No matter how appealing it may sound to move to this sunny city, you should never make a major move without doing the necessary research first.

Moving to a home for sale in Kissimmee, Florida could be an amazing experience for you and your family. The cost of living is relatively in line with the national averages, and they have a lot to offer in the way of entertainment. Parents will also need to carefully consider the overall quality of education through their public-school system though.

Before you make a move to Kissimmee, FL, you should know all of the finer details of what it will be like to actually make your home here. For more key details that you need to know, take a look at this breakdown below.

Kissimmee FL School Information

Move To Kissimmee FLEducation is an essential component to helping your children achieve future success within their chosen field. The primary years are foundational for inspiring a love of learning and giving them the tools they need to succeed within the framework of higher education. Quality school districts should be a top consideration for any family considering a move to Kissimmee, Florida.

The state as a whole has a mediocre academic system. According to the U.S. News and World Report, Florida is the thirtieth state when ranked according to education. This places them solidly in the middle of the pack, which may not be such a bad thing.

Florida is the top state when it comes to higher education in terms of offerings.  You want to ensure that they have every advantage and opportunity, even though the state’s overall education initiative is lacking.

Parents who are considering moving to the Kissimmee, FL area need to pay particular attention to where they purchase or rent a house. The school district is relatively varied in terms of its ratings, with many of the schools in the heart of Kissimmee receiving lower ratings. The schools on the eastern and western sides in the city have much higher ratings than those in the middle.

For example, parents probably wouldn't intentionally choose some of these schools in the center of town:

  • New Beginnings Education Center
  • Central Avenue Elementary School
  • Cypress Elementary School
  • Denn John Middle School

All of these schools have received a low rating of three or less from GreatSchools.

In comparison, you should search for properties that would zone your children to some of the top-rated schools in the Kissimmee, FL area. The Osceola County School of Arts receives a perfect score from this same site. It serves the upper grades ranging from sixth through twelfth.

Other schools that are considered to be above average include:

  • Celebration School
  • Professional and Technical High School
  • Kissimmee Charter Academy

Keep these areas in mind to help you select the right school district for your children. With the right move, you can set them up to take advantage of the numerous academic opportunities that await them when it comes to higher education within the state.

Kissimmee FloridaKissimmee Parks and Recreation

The major draw for most folks considering a move to Kissimmee, FL is the activities and attractions that surround it. Many people recognize it for its proximity to major hotspots such as the theme parks in Orlando, but Kissimmee is also home to its own collection of parks and recreation activities.

Whether you want to enjoy a relaxing afternoon in the park with your kids or take a mile-long hike, this town has something to offer everyone. You won’t even have to leave the city boundaries to take advantage of many of these local spots. They are just as scenic as the state’s more popular tourist attractions, but they bring in far fewer visitors during the town’s busy season.

If you’re hunting for things to do on the weekend, here are a couple of local options you may want to take advantage of:

  • Shingle Creek Regional Trail: This set of natural trails expands throughout multiple counties to capture the true hidden beauty of Florida. You can walk, bike, or jog your way through the miles of trails from sunrise to sunset. Take in the views of cypress swamps, real Florida orange groves, and lakefront views. The scenery is unforgettable, which is perhaps why former President Obama named it one of America’s Great Outdoors.
  • Bob Makinson Aquatic Center: Who needs an extensive and crowded theme park when you could visit the Bob Makinson Aquatic Center instead? This facility is home to many of the more popular attractions found at a water park but without the hefty cost or tourist traps. You can enjoy diving boards, a large pool, concessions, a children’s play area, and a 150-foot waterslide.
  • Kissimmee Lakefront Park: Enjoy the beauty right off the marina at Lake Toho. You can spend an afternoon basking in the warm sunlight and take in a beautiful sunset over the water as the evening wraps up. This public park gives you access to fishing piers, playgrounds, splash areas for the kids, and plenty of space to walk and play.

Of course, the parks and recreation department also partners with other community resources to offer fun activities throughout the year. They are well-known for hosting elaborate parades at various holidays and in certain seasons. Some of their more popular functions include the MLK Parade and Unity Festival, the Veterans Day Parade, and the Festival of Lights Parade.

The truth is that many people consider the prospect of moving to Kissimmee, Florida because of its proximity to Orlando. As such, we would be remiss not to mention the major attractions that are relatively close to the heart of this city. Here are a few of the major attractions you may want to check out if you decide to relocate to Kissimmee, FL:

  • Busch Gardens
  • Legoland Florida
  • Gatorland
  • Walt Disney Resort
  • Lake Toho

Whether you want to take an afternoon full of adventure with your family or a relaxing evening at the park, Kissimmee has something to offer everyone. You won’t be disappointed with the scenery and leisure activities available in this area.

Kissimmee FL Housing Prices

Kissimmee FL Real Estate Statistics

AVG Priced Kissimmee FL Homes $467K
Kissimmee FL Lowest Priced Houses $30K
Kissimmee FL Highest Priced Homes $3M
Total Homes For Sale In Kissimmee FL 3,203
Avg. Days On Market 92
Avg. Price/SQFT $235

Property Types (active listings)

Relocate To Kissimme FLBecause of all the major attractions in the area, many people are planning to make the move to Kissimmee, FL. One of the first things they need to plan for is where they will live and if they can afford to purchase their own home in this new city. No matter where you go, housing is bound to be your largest expense.

You won’t want to wait around for long if you’re planning to relocate to Kissimmee, Florida. A quick glance at the housing market trends for the area reveals a surprising and substantial increase in the cost of home prices. Over the past year, prices have risen more than ten percent.

Unfortunately, experts are predicting that the trend is extremely likely to continue at this rapid rate for an additional five percent increase over the course of the year. While home prices are relatively affordable right now, you will want to move to Kissimmee, Florida quickly before they keep going up.

The current median home value in Kissimmee, FL is $174,600.

This number is trumped by the median price of homes currently listed for sale in the area, which comes in higher at $248,495. Each property has an average square foot price of $123.

While it would be advised to purchase a home now before the values continue to rise, many families prefer to rent in a given area before making such a large commitment. Rent prices are also rather affordable, especially given their proximity to the major attractions in the Orlando area. You can expect a median rent price of approximately $1,400 per month.

You should be sure to pay attention to the crime rates in and around the area where you are considering moving. There are many counts of community policing and traffic stops in the area. Out of all the crimes committed, most of the police calls are related to either traffic or disorderly conduct.

However, if you are still concerned about the crime you may face if you move to Kissimmee, FL, you should consider moving away from the very heart of the city. This is where the highest crime statistics happen to be. Moving more toward the western or the northern parts of Kissimmee, FL will help you to avoid some of these issues.

Kissimmee FL Cost of Living Comparison

The cost of living in a particular area easily defines whether you can afford to reside here long-term. This number factors in the cost of your groceries, your housing expenses, and even your utilities to provide a big picture of estimated monthly expenditures. While it may not seem fair, your money will spend differently as you make your way around the country.

Many people are surprised to learn that moving to Kissimmee, FL isn’t going to be as expensive as they thought. It would make sense if there were a higher cost of living in this area due to its relative proximity to major tourist attractions like Disney. With so many people desiring to spend their lives on the sunny beaches and in the midst of these major attractions, it would make sense for the cost of living to be incredibly high.

Fortunately, you’ll find that this isn’t the case.

Sperling’s Best Places ranks the cost of living in an area compared to the national average for common costs like housing expenses, health care, groceries, transportation, and more. The national average is considered to be an even one hundred on their scale. Cities are represented by their proximity to this number, with higher scores indicating a higher cost of living.

Where does Kissimmee fall on this cost of living index?

Kissimmee Real EstateIt comes in just under the national average at 95 points.

Housing is thought to be one of the biggest considerations for the cost of living rating. In this city, housing comes in slightly less than the average for other cities in the country. It also ranks less in health care costs and transportation.

People who live in this city can expect to pay more in miscellaneous costs, including entertainment. This would make sense because many of the attractions surrounding the city are tourist traps and large-scale amusement parks. These are one of the many reasons why families consider relocating to Kissimmee, Florida in the first place.

Overall, this isn’t a bad part of the country to move to if you want to get the most for your money. You won’t have to budget carefully to make sure you can afford this area because it probably compares fairly closely or comes in at a lower cost of living than your current city. This makes Kissimmee, FL an ideal place for most people to move to and it makes it one of the best places to retire.

Is moving to Kissimmee, Florida a dream come true for you and your family?

There are certainly plenty of impressive features to seek out in this area, ranging from the beautiful weather to the low cost of living. Money may not be an issue with making this excellent move.

However, you will need to plan carefully to ensure that your children are placed in one of the more highly-rated schools in the area. This gives them the best opportunities for future academic success in the year ahead. Balancing the educational needs of your children with all of the chances they will have for cultural enrichment through the recreational activities available will require careful consideration.

What have you been waiting for? A move to Kissimmee, Florida could be right around the corner for you.

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