Whether you are moving into your first home or you’re an experienced homeowner, one of the most exciting parts of moving can be getting new items to spruce up your living space. If you’re preparing to look at homes for sale in Haines City, here are 25 things you may want to consider when upgrading your new home!

For the Bedroom:

upgrading your bedroomA New Mattress

While mattresses technically last a long time, there’s no denying that they lose some of their comfort over the years. With a range of new mattresses available, usually with easy delivery, getting a new one to suit your family’s needs is one of the best ways to usher in a new bedroom. Sleeping on a brand new surface is just what you need to make you feel like you truly upgraded!

Fresh Bedding

Even if you don’t get a new mattress, a new set of bedding is a great way to add a facelift to your bedroom. A new comforter or duvet can help you ring in a new season or a new home.

High-Quality Pillows

Just like mattresses, pillows lose some of their body over time, and you may be less comfortable than you were when they were brand new. A new, comfortable pillow will help you feel at ease immediately.

New Sheets

No new bedroom is complete without a pristine, new set of sheets. Choose a high thread count to last you a long time, and you’ll be excited every time you make your bed!

For the Bathroom:

upgrading your bathroomBathmats

While you may already have a bathmat outside your shower or tub, make sure you have these for all bathrooms in the house. Even a half bath can benefit from a nice mat that feels good beneath someone’s feet and catches water!

Guest Towels

With a new home, you’re bound to want guests to come stay with you. It’s common practice to have a set of towels for each guest, including washcloths and a few different sizes.

A Showerhead

New showerheads are one of the best ways to feel like you’ve upgraded for a low price. Choose a rain showerhead, something handheld, or a number of other features that make each shower luxurious.

For Decorating:

decorating your new homeRugs for Every Room

While many houses still have carpets, you’re more likely now to see hardwood floors and tiles in common areas. These are beautiful but usually need some protection as well, making rugs important. Rugs of all sizes and styles can be placed throughout the house for pops of color while also being functional!

Fresh Greenery

Bright, fresh plants are a great way to add color and personality to your home. If you don’t have a green thumb, realistic fake plants are available everywhere too!

Statement Curtains

You’ll need window coverings, and while some people prefer blinds, curtains can be much more visually appealing. Choose something simple or a bright, colorful option to pull a room together.

Wall Art

Do an appraisal of the wall art you have now and how it fits together. You may need more to accommodate more walls or you may want to scrap older items and get new, modern pieces.


technology upgrade for your new homeA WiFi Extender

If your house is large or if you work or get on devices in several different areas of your home, this will be invaluable.

Smart Thermostats

These devices will let you control the temperature from anywhere, as well as set timers so the HVAC system isn’t running when you’re at work, but the house can be warm or cool as needed before you arrive home.

A Smart Doorbell

These doorbells, which come with a camera and an app, are a must for safety and monitoring who is at your door.

Smart Plugs

These can be used for anything from the TV to lights, allowing you to control electronics remotely.

A Smart Speaker

With all your other smart technology, a well-placed speaker can act as a hub to control all other devices by simply talking.

Cleaning and Maintenance:

maintenance upgrades for your new homeA Swiffer WetJet

Available at any grocery or big box store, these tools allow you to use a variety of cleaning solutions and move throughout the house easily.

A Robot Vacuum

Keep your floors tidy without lifting a finger by investing in a robotic vacuum that can learn the layout of your home

A Classic Standing Vacuum

For the times when a robot vacuum isn’t enough, a classic standing vacuum will be critical. Choose a durable model that will last you years.

A Complete Toolkit

It’s easy to accumulate random tools or lose pieces of a kit over the years. With all the furniture you will be building and repairing, getting a brand new kit with all the pieces in place will make your life easier.

For Outdoors:

outdoor upgrades for your new homeA Shop Vac

A shop vac can be used for leaf blowing, heavy vacuuming, and cleaning up dry messes. For anyone doing home maintenance or simply keeping up with a yard, this is a must.

A Lawn Mower

If your home includes a yard, a new and easy-to-use lawn mower will make your life easier and your curb appeal higher.


Your house may have a sprinkler system installed, but if not and there is grass, this is a must.

For Your Sanity:

wine deliveryMeal Kits

Moving is exhausting work, and it takes time to settle into a new home. As you work through all these stages, let yourself off the hook for cooking and invest in a meal kit or delivery service.

Wine Delivery

In addition to food, treat yourself to something luxurious like a wine delivery subscription as a reward for your hard work.

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