Best Home Office Renovations for Your New HomeThe Covid pandemic had drastic repercussions in the housing market and one of the biggest changes was the sudden value on work from home space or home offices. With shutdowns forcing people to adapt their home space to a business office in just a few hours, new homes or homes for sale in Clermont FL with dedicated offices became premium commodities. For those thinking about renovating their current home to have a dedicated home office, let's look at some things to consider and renovations that are worth your while. 

Think More About Color

This is your work space and you should be inspired by what's around you to do your best work and be the best you that you can be. But with virtual meetings and conference calls becoming a regular occurrence for many of us, we need to consider what will become the background for video chats and calls. Bright colors can be fun and inspiring, but they can also be distracting in some cases unprofessional for a work video call. When planning paint options for your home office, think about where these calls could take place and consider the option of a dedicated “Zoom space” free from clutter and distracting colors. Take note that it's best you learn how to paint a room the right way if you plan on doing it yourself.

Light & Noise

Depending on your profession and industry, the light and noise that make their way into your home office may be completely up to your personal preference. But for others, these two features of a home office could drastically impact the quality or quantity of your work. Anyone in the sound recording or video recording industries, or anyone who dabbles in these spaces as a part of their larger job as a whole, should be very conscious of the light and noise in and around their home office. Picking a room with strong natural light could be great for video recording, but making sure it is balanced by additional light fixtures within the room will make your videos pop. Adding sound proofing panels or heavy curtains to a room can help shield unwanted noises and light from coming in when it should be avoided. 


Something no one has ever complained about having too much of, additional storage can make a good home office into a great home office. Organizational options such as closet storage for office supplies or shelving units could help to reduce clutter and keep your work day running smoothly. If you are considering something more permanent like built-ins or adding a closet to a room that doesn't have one, take some time to think about how to design in a way that maximizes usability for you and others. You want to ensure you aren't making the space too you specific and therefore undesirable in the event that you sell the home later on. 

Tech Considerations

The reason so many of us are able to work from home is the advantages that modern technology affords us. Make sure to keep these technologies in mind when renovating your new home office. While you may love the idea of the unused basement bedroom becoming your new office space, make sure to consider the cell phone reception and wifi signal strength in that area of the house. If these are important parts of your daily work life, you may need to consider upgrading to a mesh network of routers for your wifi, or installing a cell signal booster to provide crisp, clear phone audio while you work.

Room For One More?

When picking a space to convert into a home office, think about additional needs down the line. Many families looking for homes for sale in Clermont FL realized the need for home office space for two people. Add in any children doing schooling from the home setting and suddenly a usable office space can make or break a property. Even if you only need space for one WFH adult, the option of having two complete work spaces within the room is a big bonus for many.

While many people have returned to their normal office space, the work from home movement is gaining ground and supporters. The pandemic showed a lot of people that they can get their job done just as well, if not better, from the comfort of their own home. Keeping the home office in mind when renovating is an important piece to the future of real estate and to your home’s value.

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