Types of Homes for Sale in Winter Garden, FLWinter Garden Fl has become a popular destination for those moving to Central Florida. While every homeowner has different needs and preferences, it can be confusing looking at the many styles of home available for sale. Let's take a look at some of the most popular types of homes for sale in Winter Garden and what style may be best suited for you and your family. 


Condo style homes are a very popular choice when looking at the many homes for sale in Winter Garden FL. While condos are typically thought of as apartment style housing that you own instead of rent, there are several styles of living space that fall under the condo umbrella. Not all condos are in highrise, apartment style buildings. Many can be found to look like townhouses with several units in one building, while others resemble quaint villas.

This type of home is perfect for those living alone, anyone who isn't looking for a lot of exterior upkeep, or someone just starting out in owning real estate. First time buyers gravitate toward condos as their initial investment and costs of upkeep are typically lower than other home styles. While many retirees also enjoy condo living as they don't have to worry about yard and exterior maintenance in most cases.

Note:  Sometimes a "home" is classified as a condo legally.   While we're talking about condos as those connected units in multi-level buildings, that's not always the case.   A condo is usually defined legally by what responsibility another entity has to maintain the property (an association) and what "space" you're actually buying when you buy a condo.   A condo can look like a home, a townhome or... well, a condo. 


Townhomes are often tall houses constructed in rows of three or more units sharing interior walls. These living spaces are fully functional and fully separated from each other, yet share a center wall. Oftentimes these types of homes have a small, private outdoor space for each unit.

Offering more space than a typical condo unit, townhomes are perfect for those who need more space and would like a private outdoor area for entertaining and gardening. Townhomes make great starter homes for young families or soon to be families due to their increased size and access to outdoor areas for kids and pets to play safely.

Single-Family Homes

The most traditional of home types, a single-family home is a standalone building to house you and your loved ones. Typically featuring private yard space and maximum living space and storage, this home type is what most of us think of when we picture a house.

The versatility of a single-family home makes it an option for nearly everyone looking to buy. The varying sizes, shapes, designs, and styles ensure everyone can find something that will suit their needs, both now and in the future. Keep in mind that a single-family home will likely require more general upkeep and maintenance than a condo or even a duplex option, but the benefits of having a completely private space is appealing to many buyers.

While every situation is unique when it comes to finding the perfect home, understanding the different types of homes available can go a long way in planning for your current and future needs. Whether it be a condo to start you out, or a single family for your growing family, there are a multitude of styles and varieties to suit your needs. One thing is for sure, Winter Garden FL has a home type that is perfect for you.

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