Top Maintenance Tips for Florida HomeownersOwning a home can be one of the greatest achievements in a person's life, but along with that achievement is a level of responsibility for maintenance that can't be ignored. Every home is different and has its own set of required systems maintenance items that should be checked and handled often. But while every home is indeed unique, there are some tips that will apply to most homes in Florida. 

Change Filters

Regularly changing filters within your home is similar to the normal filter replacement within your car. While a car has an oil filter that must be changed regularly, a home has air filters and potentially water filters that must be addressed on an optimal schedule. While all systems vary and you should consult a professional when establishing a filter replacement schedule, typically replacing home filters quarterly is a good start. These filters keep your home comfortable and efficient, while also ensuring the longevity and life of your major systems. 

Clean Out Ducts

The recent pandemic has put a spotlight on air quality and cleanliness within the home and having your air ducts professionally cleaned is one of the best ways to maintain this. If you've never had your air ducts cleaned, or you've just purchased a home for sale in Champions Gate and the sellers did not have them cleaned recently, you should consider reaching out to a professional for duct service. Duct cleaning can remove years of dust, spores, and harmful particles that can get trapped in your air system and lower air purity levels.

Service your Water Heater

Nobody likes being caught without hot water and this makes your water heater one of the most important appliances within your home. Proper maintenance should be toward the top of your list when it comes to regular home upkeep. Ensure a professional technician services your hot water heater regularly and evaluates the condition to make sure you will have consistent hot water in your home. 

Check Your Plumbing Every Season

Plumbing throughout the home is often overlooked and underappreciated when establishing a home maintenance schedule, especially in areas with fairly consistent weather such as Florida. Plumbing problems often arise however when the weather changes drastically or unexpectedly. Going from a warm day to unseasonably low temperatures very quickly can cause pressure changes that can impact plumbing operations and can in some cases cause failures. Even a small drip at a joint or faucet can cause big issues down the line and should be addressed right away. 


Landscaping tips is rarely considered when talking about home maintenance, but issues with landscaping can extend far beyond just the lawn and plants around the house. Branches hanging over the roof, roots growing toward underground systems, and plants growing up the sides of the house can all cause issues with drainage or become a hazard to the home in the event of a storm. Ensuring proper grading around the home is also key, especially in areas like Florida that are prone to heavy rains and storms. Ground that isn't washed out and allows for proper movement of water away from the home should be checked and managed often.

Consulting with professionals is key to establishing a proper home maintenance schedule for your Florida home. This maintenance will ensure your home is running in tip-top shape at all times and will be the most efficient it can be. While these tips are just a starting point, they are a great way to dip your feet into home maintenance and a start to learning about your home and how to best care for it. 

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