Top 6 Tips for Staging Your Groveland, FL Home for SaleOne of the most important steps in getting your home ready for the market is staging. Staging of a home can make or break the buyer appeal and can be the difference between a quick sale and your home staying on the market for much longer than it should. Let's take a look at some ways you can begin staging your home and ensure you are maximizing the time and effort spent.

Get rid of clutter

While this should go without saying, eliminating clutter in your home should be the first step to staging and showing a home. Removing as many unnecessary items as possible will help the home not only show better in person, but photograph better as well. If you are living in the home while showing it, buyers will understand that you need certain things on a daily basis, but keeping them to a minimum will do wonders for the look of your Groveland, FL home for sale.

De-personalize the space

The easier it is for a potential buyer to picture their family and their items in your home the better. Removing as many personal items as possible will help them begin to feel like they are at home, instead of in someone else's home. Beginning by removing personal photos from walls, displays, and the fridge will go a long way de-personalzing the space.

Go neutral

Similar to de-personalizing, making the home more neutral will help buyers imagine what their life would look like in the home. Opting for neutral wall and flooring colors will allow for the easiest transition for a new owner. Too many bright accent walls or rooms with aggressive color tones can be off-putting and can leave a lasting negative impression on buyers.

Stage where it counts

Not all rooms are considered equal when it comes to home staging. You want to focus your efforts on the rooms that have the biggest potential to influence buyers’ decisions, and spend less time on the rooms that won’t make much of a difference. The living room, master suite, and kitchen are your priority areas when it comes to staging and will give you your biggest bang for your staging buck.

Let there be light

Open the blinds on all of the windows, which in addition to letting in more light will also make rooms seem bigger. Turn on all the lights in your house for showings, including lamps and closet lights. This will help make your home more welcoming, and also saves buyers from having to stumble around figuring out which switches turn on which lights.

Rearrange your furniture

You want there to be as much open, walkable space as possible. This helps buyers navigate the space, and also helps them better visualize their own furniture in each room. Put extra furniture in storage to get it out of the way, focusing on getting rid of any oversized pieces, damaged pieces, and those that don’t match the rest of the room then rearrange the remaining furniture to make the room look and feel as spacious as possible.

While many of these tips seem obvious, in the hustle and bustle of preparing a home to sell, some things can slip through the cracks. Ensure your home is ready for the market and ready to sell quickly by following these tips and properly staging your home. When the offers come rolling in, you will be able to look back and know you did everything you needed to do to sell your Groveland home.

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