For the majority of homeowners, their home is considered to be one of their most valuable assets. When they finally decide to move on and sell the property, it should be a priority to present the best possible home value to potential buyers.

Ensuring this by yourself can pose a lot of work and may only get you so far. In fact, according to the National Association of Realtors, the total amount of sales done by the owners themselves was significantly less than those sold with the help of agents.

To most efficiently say goodbye to your beloved home, equip yourself with the right tools and guidance to make the whole process as seamless as possible.

Follow these tips to make sure the final sale works out well in your favor.

1. Find a real estate agent

Selling a home is not just about handing over the deed and showing it off to a few of your friends. It includes a long process of knowing your home value, repairing and tidying up, and then actually processing payments and documents. This is where real estate agents come in.

The right real estate agent can help you properly evaluate your home for sale in Davenport, guide you through the market, and bring in more potential buyers compared to if you do it yourself. Choose the real estate agent that best suits your location and property by going through online reviews and portfolios.

2. Know the market

To get the most out of your property, you must know when to put your home on the market. Do a thorough research of the real estate trends in your area to get a better idea of when to start the selling process. A good real estate agent can help you in this process as well so that you can get the most out of your sale.

3. Decide on a competitive asking price

Once you have a better grasp of the market, you need to decide on the most competitive asking price for your home. This might mean that it will fall under the price range of most of the properties similar to your home, but is just enough to give you a healthy profit.

4. Set a timeline

Selling your home can take weeks or even months, and it is best to have an estimated timeline that can guide you through the process. You can determine the best time to contact an agent, as well as how to space out the necessary repairs and upgrades without being in a time crunch.

5. Conduct a thorough inspection of the property

To get the best price for your property, conduct a thorough inspection of the whole area to know what will need repairing, what should be upgraded, and what can stay. This process will help you determine how much your property will really sell for in the current market and will help attract more buyers as well.

6. Make repairs and updates

Prepare to make necessary repairs and updates throughout your house. Are there any leaking pipes? Cracked windows? Chipped paint? These may seem like trivial things, but it may cost you potential buyers.

7. Clean your home

Clean your house before you put it on the market. This includes doing a deep cleaning of the inside of your home as well as taking care of your backyard and front lawn. Showing that your property is clean, spacious, and functional can attract more buyers and may even result in a better deal.

Another aspect of cleaning is decluttering. When preparing for a showing, you want buyers to be able to picture themselves in your home. This means putting away all of your family photos and personal knick knacks. The less clutter, the more likely a prospect can envision their own furniture and belongings in the home.

If you’re having a hard time knowing what to keep and what to store, think about it this way: if you’ve ever rented a beach house, it’s “staged” with generic items, none of which make you feel like you’re staying in someone else’s home. Try doing the same staging with your decor.

8. Do a professional photo shoot of your house

Potential buyers need visual proof that your home can be their future home as well. As such, consider investing in a professional photo shoot of your house. These photos will be the first thing a buyer sees, so it should really highlight your home’s top features.

9. Home tours

Prepare yourself to conduct home tours or showings. Before making the final purchase, most buyers need to see what the property is really like. If you prefer not to do it yourself, you can also hand this job over to your real estate agent who can hold open houses to showcase your property to potential buyers.

10. Negotiate and close

When you finally find a buyer, be prepared for all negotiations and delays that may take place. Make sure to properly read the agreement before you sign anything and have an open line of communication between your buyer and agent. Prepare for any last minute changes so that things can go smoothly as you close on your home.

Selling and letting go of a place where you have spent years of your life is not easy, but it can be more manageable with the right steps. If you want to make it as easy as possible, contact the real estate professionals at Florida Realty Marketplace. We specialize in the greater Orlando area for new construction, rentals, and resales.

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