The Best Places in Florida for Real Estate Investing

The Best Places in Florida for Real Estate Investing

Are you interested in learning more about owning an investment property in the Sunshine State? Florida real estate investing can be a worthwhile and rewarding endeavor for your business. When it comes to finding the best places in Florida for real estate investing, you want to choose locations and communities that will provide the maximum return on investment. Whether you are interested in short-term or long-term rentals, the Florida real estate market has a lot to offer current and future investors. In fact, Florida real estate investing boasts some of the highest profits in the nation, thanks in large part to the many gorgeous beaches and attractions in the state. This article will help you explore various real estate markets in Florida to help you determine the best location for your next investment.

10 Best Places in Florida for Real Estate Investing

The entire state of Florida is known for its warm weather year-round and close proximity to beautiful, white sand beaches. Each year, millions of people visit Florida for its beautiful beaches, world-famous theme parks, and more. Folks living in northern states enjoy the affectionate nickname “snowbirds” as they fly south for the winter and enjoy the much warmer climates. And job opportunities and local economies continue to attract people looking to call Florida home. Check out these ten places in Florida for your next real estate investment to learn more about the perks of long-term and short-term rentals in these popular areas.

Orlando, FL: Caters to A Variety of Lifestyles

If you are looking for an investment property that caters to a variety of lifestyles, then check out homes for sale in Orlando, FL. Orlando is home to a variety of popular tourist attractions, including Disney World and Universal Studios. Traditional investors appreciate the Orlando real estate market for its diverse range of properties to choose from and the variety of folks who visit the area year-round. Along with top-rated theme parks, Orlando is also home to entertainment centers and universities that attract many different folks to the area.

Kissimmee, FL: Home of Golf Courses, Vacation Spots, and Outdoor Activities

Consider Kissimmee, Florida, for your next real estate investment property if you want to attract renters to a popular vacation area with great proximity to a variety of outdoor activities. Located near Orlando, Kissimmee offers easy access to popular tourist destinations without all the hustle and bustle of city life. Homes for sale in Kissimmee, FL, feature the convenience of world-class golf courses nearby and outdoor activities at nearby beaches, parks, and other green spaces. This a great family-friendly place where you can find interest in both short-term and long-term rentals.

Groveland, FL: Preferred by Young Families

Groveland, Florida, is a popular place for young families to vacation every year or even settle down and call home. This family-friendly city boasts close proximity to popular attractions like Disney World while still offering a small-town vibe. Groveland is known for its quiet community with stellar schools and plenty of activities for the whole family. In the past few decades, Groveland has matured from a more rural community into a residential area popular thanks to its convenience to the Orlando regional marketplace. Groveland, Florida, is also just a short drive to beautiful nearby beaches to enjoy more fun in the sun.

Miami, FL: Feel the Thriving Business Hub

Miami, Florida, is one of the most popular destinations in Florida. Known for its beautiful beaches and warm weather, Miami also features a vibrant lifestyle for locals and tourists alike. Miami has also become a thriving business hub in Florida, attracting more folks looking for both short-term and long-term rentals in the area. The demand for rental properties stays consistently high in Miami, which makes this a great place to search for an investment property.

Davenport, FL: A Vacation Destination

The steady influx of tourists to the Orlando area, coupled with a strong job market, makes this a great place for real estate investing in Florida. Davenport, Florida, is located just west of Orlando, and many tourists who want to spend time at major theme parks in the area look for properties in Davenport that are more off the beaten path. Davenport is a great vacation destination due to its numerous beautiful lakes in the area and popular local shops and restaurants.

Lakeland, FL: Find Popular Suburban Properties

Consider Lakeland, Florida, if you are interested in Florida real estate investment opportunities in a more suburban area. Lakeland, FL, is a popular residential area northeast of Tampa and southwest of Orlando. People who want to rent property in Lakeland enjoy proximity to these popular destinations while still maintaining a more suburban feel to the area. The downtown area also features popular antique shops and early 1900s architecture that create a cozy coastal community. Visiting Florida isn’t just about exploring the ocean either; just like its name, the town of Lakeland boasts many lakes for water sports and activities to enjoy.

Winter Haven, FL: Discover the Best of Both Worlds

Winter Haven, Florida, is often known as the best of both worlds because it is equidistant from two major cities in Florida: Orlando and Tampa. Investors interested in Florida real estate will find many opportunities with both short-term and long-term rental potential, thanks to the variety of people the area attracts. This is also a great place to check out fixer-uppers and flip projects to boost your investment portfolio. As the job market grows in and around the area, so does the population and the need for quality properties to rent.

Jacksonville, FL: Emerging City with Bustling Business Scene

Florida real estate investors interested in lower-than-average home prices in Florida that still offer a solid return on investment should consider Jacksonville, FL. The area continues to grow and now boasts a bustling business scene where investors can attract both short-term and long-term renters. With miles of beaches, world-class fishing, and a popular street art scene, there’s something for everyone to enjoy in Jacksonville.

Sarasota, FL: Best Beaches & Vacation Property Investments

Sarasota, Florida, boasts amazing real estate investment opportunities along the Gulf of Mexico and Sarasota Bay. Many real estate opportunities for short-term vacation properties in this area attract year-round visitors. Some of the best white-sand beaches and shallow waters can be found in Sarasota, which also attracts many families vacationing in Florida. The growing job market in the area and quality of life also make great opportunities for folks in the area looking for long-term rental options.

Make Your Realty Estate Investment Search Easier with Florida Realty Marketing

Partner with Florida Realty Marketplace to get your search started to find your next great investment property. Our team in Florida has the local knowledge and expertise to help you find the best places to invest and enjoy a maximum ROI. Many of these cities feature special attractions that make a Florida real estate investment that much more profitable for buyers and investors. We will help you sort through all your options and find the best real estate options that match your investment goals. Florida boasts high-demand tourism, stable job market growth, and intense real estate development, which means you will find plenty of opportunities for real estate investment properties up and down the coast.

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