Real Estate Market Update – Haines CityHaines City, Florida sits about halfway between Orlando and Tampa. You can reach either of these large metro areas in about an hour, which makes Haines City a great place for those who work in either but don’t want to live in such a large urban location.

This area is a good-sized city with a population of over 20,000, though, so you can take advantage of everything such a city has to offer. If you’re looking at houses for sale in Haines City, FL, it’s important to know what the real estate market looks like.

Haines City Real Estate Market Trends for January 2020

The Haines City real estate market is currently rated as “competitive” to “very competitive” based on the activity of the past three months. This means that many of the houses for sale have received multiple offers and that various contingencies are often waived.

However, while houses are moving from “active” to “pending” within a month, prices are actually down a bit. Overall, homes are selling for a little under the listing price (about two percent on average). Homes that stand out or that are in hot neighborhoods, however, generally sell for list price or slightly above. They’re also going under contract within a week.

This means that Haines City is definitely a seller’s market at the moment. There’s a lot of demand to move into the city, so sellers have the advantage. Buyers who find a home here that they truly love have to move fast to avoid losing it to someone else.

As far as prices go, the average cost of a house in around $220,000. This is up from last year by about seven percent. Buyers are putting down less than five percent as a down payment, so the market is truly open to most potential buyers.

Haines City Distressed Property Report

Haines City has very few distressed properties – ones that are under foreclosure or being sold by a lender – with only about one percent of the overall market falling into this category. That can make it difficult for buyers looking for fixer-uppers or for properties to flip since there’s not a lot of inventory to choose from, but they do exist.

Buying properties that are owned by the bank can save you a good amount of money, especially for home flippers looking for profit.

Haines City Crime Statistics

Haines City is a fairly safe place to live. The overall reported crime is less than average for both Florida and the U.S. in general.

This mostly holds true across the board, with the city having fewer robberies, violent crimes, burglaries, vehicle theft, and property crime than the average Florida city.

Haines City in the News

Haines City has continued to grow over the past decade with an estimated additional 5,000 people moving into the area since 2010. Its prime location plays a role, as does the safety and relatively low-stress environment found in Haines City.

Thanks to the many different events, the Davenport real estate market and nearby attractions, Haines City also sees its fair share of visitors. Because of this, some homeowners do offer rooms or entire properties for rent or buy additional property to operate as vacation rentals.

With the city continuing to grow, buying real estate in Haines City is a good investment. However, since it’s a hot market, you will want to act quickly, especially if you plan on coming in under the listing price. With its location between both Tampa and Orlando, this may be the perfect place to live for you. Contact us now and we'll be glad to assist you on your next move!

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