With Florida's ever-evolving real estate landscape, the key to a successful transition lies in the approach of buying before selling. Despite a challenging market, this strategy presents numerous advantages to the proactive homeowner.

What is Buy Before You Sell?

HomeLight's Buy Before You Sell Program is designed to streamline the process of transitioning between homes in the real estate market. This innovative approach is structured around three beneficial steps:

  1. Unlocking Home Equity with Ease: The program begins by evaluating your property to determine how much equity can be unlocked through HomeLight Home Loans, Inc. This crucial step allows homeowners to access significant funds from their current property, providing essential capital for the down payment on their new home. This strategy is particularly beneficial in a competitive market, as it enables homeowners to finance their next purchase without waiting to sell their current home.

  2. Confident Home Purchase: The second step empowers homeowners to make a strong, non-contingent offer on their new property. By eliminating the home sale contingency, this step significantly increases the attractiveness of the offer in the eyes of sellers. It removes the uncertainty that contingent offers bring, thereby increasing the chances of acceptance in a competitive market and potentially speeding up the transaction.

  3. Peaceful Home Sale: After securing and moving into the new home, the program assists in listing the previous home. Selling a vacant home often attracts stronger offers and simplifies the process. This step provides homeowners with peace of mind, knowing they can focus on enjoying their new home while their previous property is positioned attractively in the market. The ability to sell without the pressure of immediate relocation also typically results in a better sales outcome.


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Why should I buy before I sell? 

  • Setting yourself up for financial success: According to HomeLight's Top Agent Insights for Summer 2023, nearly half (49%) of repeat buyers use the equity from their current homes to finance their subsequent purchases. Through the Buy Before You Sell program, homeowners can access their equity before selling their home, which is especially pertinent given that 71% of agents advocate using unlocked equity for down payments in the face of intense competition.

  • Making the most competitive offer: The Market’s Favorable Pulse: We'll remove your home sale contingency so you can make a competitive offer and save money — as sellers often value certainty over nabbing top dollar. A seamless and less expensive move: Skip the hassle, stress, and financial burden of temporary housing & relocation costs. With a new property secured and ready to be moved into, your move becomes straightforward, eliminating the uncertainties and extra costs of interim housing.


The Role of a Knowledgeable Agent

In the nuanced world of real estate, well-informed decision-making is paramount. Being a seasoned real estate professional based in Florida, my team and I provide invaluable insights and guidance tailored to the state's market conditions. Our comprehensive understanding of market dynamics aids homeowners in strategically timing their purchases.


For more information about Florida Realty Marketplace and personalized guidance, you can visit my HomeLight Buy Before You Sell Page here: Robert Anarumo's HomeLight Buy Before You Sell Page

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