Things You Need To Know Before Buying A Waterfront HomeA home on the water offers amazing views, the chance to swim or fish right from your own dock, and the option of boating whenever you want. But with these pros comes a few cons that you wouldn’t necessarily have with a landlocked home. If you’re looking for homes for sale in Kissimmee that are on the water, here are a few things you need to know before you buy one.

What Type of Waterfront Property Do You Want?

If you dream of falling asleep to the sound of the waves, buying a home on a river or a lake isn’t going to give you that. You’ll want to look for waterfront property on an ocean or large body of water. For fishing, though, you may want a lake or river. The amount of noise you want can also influence the type of waterfront property you should consider. If you’re on the beach, you’re likely going to hear people, motorboats, and other sounds. You aren’t as likely to get that on a smaller body of water.

Hire the Right Inspector

While the water is gorgeous to you, it’s rough on your home. Houses on the water are more likely to have mold and mildew issues because of the higher amount of moisture in the air. If the house is near saltwater, the salt can cause corrosion. The high-water table can lead to water getting into the basement. You will want to make certain the inspector you hire for the home inspection has experience with waterfront properties and knows what to look for.

Take in the Property as a Whole

If you’re looking for waterfront property, you don’t want to make the mistake of ignoring other parts of the land. For example, while the view from the home may be amazing, you may discover that it’s actually not very easy to get down to the water. Upon closer inspection, you might also see that the water is full of weeds or simply isn’t that attractive up close. Check the dock, if there is one, to make certain it’s in good shape. You can’t really do anything to change the water, so you want to make certain it’s what you want.

Learn About the Shoreline

Records will show if the shoreline has changed over the years. If the shoreline is slowly rising, in ten years you may not have much of a backyard. On the other hand, if it’s dropping, your waterfront property may lose its appeal as the water retreats. You also want to look at the history of flooding in the area. This will indicate if you have anything to worry about and also give you an idea of how expensive your insurance may be. Waterfront properties are often more expensive to insure.

Check the Costs

In addition to extra insurance costs, you might be surprised to learn that your waterfront property has other unexpected expenses. Your water and sewer costs can be higher. You may also have boat dock feeds or costs associated with water wells and septic tanks if you’re not on city water. Get a good idea of all of the costs before you start looking at homes to make sure you don’t go over-budget.

Work with an Agent Who Knows the Area

Here at Florida Realty Marketplace, we understand the area in and around Kissimmee. We also have experience with waterfront properties and can help you determine all of the costs and potential issues with a home before you buy it. Contact us today to discuss your needs and to begin the search for your dream home.

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