You bought the house and now that it is time to sell it, you have to make sure you the price you deserve. Summer is real estate’s peak season in the Orlando area, so you have to make sure to present your house in such a way that you get more than your target price. The only way to do that is by staging your house.

Home sellers have received $2 over every $1 they invested in staging their house.

When potential buyers come to an open house, they get to experience how the house will look like when it is fully furnished. It adds a personalized touch and shows that you took efforts in selling the house.

The Top 6 Home Staging Tips to Help You

Here are six essential home staging tips for the summer sale:


1. Maximize Space

Put yourself in the buyer’s position and think of your biggest priority while buying a house. It is space! Houses in Kissimmee with a lot of space to move around are easily sold. The buyers will open the closets, cabinets, and storage rooms to see how much they can hold, so de-clutter everything. You can rent a storage unit to keep the extra stuff.

If you have bulky furniture in your living room or something that you don’t use frequently, shift it to the storage unit. You can rent more modern and sleek furniture, hang mirrors on the walls against the seating area, and clear out toys to maximize the space.

Pro-Tip: Anything that blocks the field of view is lost volume. So if you have boxes stacked in a corner that are above eye level, turn them into 2 stacks below eye level.


2. De-Personalize

It might break your heart to take your wedding picture frame off the wall, but when you are staging your house, you need to do it. Buyers no more find the setup personalized enough and will easily get distracted by all the photos. Take down the frame, wrap them up in newspaper and bubble wrap, and store them in the storage unit until your house gets sold or you move into a new one.

Pay more attention to your closet. Sure you can pile up items in here, because it’s the least important, but don’t just throw your underwear on the floor . Buyers like modern and contemporary homes more than a house that doesn’t follow any theme.

Pro Tip: Organize your closet.   Almost any organization is likely better than how most of us live! The more organized your closet is, the more the buyers will think you are clean and that your property is well maintained.


3. Clear and Clean All Surfaces

The fastest way to stage your house is by clearing all surfaces. Try not to keep toiletries or cleaning supplies on the countertops. it makes the area look bigger. Buyers will check the bathrooms as well, so keep white towels on display. They cost the least but make the bathrooms look like a 5-star spa. In addition, go ahead and clean those surfaces. That includes washing the utensils, scrubbing off greasy stuff stuck on the floors and walls, and cleaning dust off the ceiling fans and windows.

Pro Tip: It’s worth stuff all your stuff in a basket and putting it under the sink during showings.


4. Add Fresh Paint

The number one golden rule to sell your house is painting all the walls white. Imagine the buyer’s terror when they enter your house and see a bright red wall in the office. White is neutral and reflects light, and makes the rooms of your house look bigger. Painting is inexpensive, and you can add it to the total property cost, so you aren’t losing any money in the process.

You can also paint the kitchen cabinets for a fresh look. Paint the insides as well since the buyers will open them to check the depth and height of the shelves.

Pro Tip: Go Neutral but not white. If you are going to repaint, go for an off-white color but not actually white. Beige or Grey hues will be much better received.


5. Update Interiors

Unless your house has a mid-century architecture, decorate it with modern interiors. You can either go for an industrial look, contemporary, or Bohemian. These are fairly neutral looks and something many people choose to go with today. Pay attention to tiny things like golden doorknobs and other fixtures.  Switch them with chrome or nickel ones.

Add pictures to the walls, fresh flowers in vases, and start a scented candle around 20 minutes before the open house. A good-smelling house gives the buyers good vibes about the place.


6. Design Spare Rooms

If you have five bedrooms in use and you only use three for sleeping, design the two rooms as a home office, children’s play area, gym, or any other concept you can think of. Your goal is to show the buyers that you can utilize different rooms in unique ways and make the most of the space available to you.

You can creatively use up awkward spaces and turn them into something meaningful. For example, if you have an extra long hallway that leads to the living room, add a small bench and a tall plant next to it. You can keep a glass tray on the bench to keep keys and some crystals. You can also add some pictures to fill in the blank space.

Update the hardwood flooring with a sander and hardwood stain for a more furnished look.

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