4 Things You Need To Know Before Buying A Golf Front HomeIf you love golf or simply love the rolling greens of a golf course, you might be interested in buying a golf front home. These houses sit on or very near a golf course. You can walk right over to the greens at any point you want. The neighborhoods around golf courses are also usually very safe and well managed. There are a number of golf front homes for sale in Lakeland, FL, and some of them are quite affordable. However, before you start looking at these properties, there are a few things you should know before you buy a golf front home.

You’ll (Probably) Like Your Neighbors

If you’re buying a home on a golf course, you probably enjoy the sport. This means most of your neighbors likely purchased their homes for the same reason. You’ll have golf in common with them, so you may actually hang out with your neighbors more than you normally would. Of course, there’s no guarantee you’ll want to be friends, but you’ll at least all enjoy golf.

You Have to Watch for Stray Golf Balls

Living near a golf course does have its hazards, of course. If you’re literally on the course, you have to watch out for the stray golf ball. It’s possible someone’s shot could go so far off track that it comes through one of your windows. Legally, courts generally rule that the golf course is not responsible for any unintentional damage, so they won’t pay for any repairs. You may get individual golfers offering to pay for damages, but this is a kindness on their part, not a requirement. The possibility of damage is something you simply have to accept if you’re going to be living on a golf course.

There are a few ways of mitigating these hazards. Some homes are situated near tee boxes, behind greens, or in other areas where it’s more unlikely for stray balls to land or for golfers to come into your space. These homes are often considered prime locations, though, and it can be tough to find any that are available. When one does come on the market, it’s usually sold very quickly.

Expect Higher Insurance

Precisely because of stray balls, some insurance companies will charge an extra premium if they know your home is on the golf course.   Some companies even differentiate whether you're near the t-box, green or fairway.  

Our advice is to play the course before buying if possible.   Look at the home's siding.  Some fairways are more dangerous than others.   It's not uncommon to see homes with little divots in their siding because balls have been pelting them.   Whether the insurance is higher there or not you might want to avoid those areas. 

Don’t Expect Privacy

You may occasionally see golfers coming into your yard looking for a lost ball. Since you’re in an HOA, you may not be able to put up a fence to prevent this. Even if you could, it would ruin the amazing view of the course that was the reason you purchased the home. While having no privacy can be upsetting, most homeowners accept it as the tradeoff for the view. Generally, golfers who come into your yard will be very respectful of your property. 

Just because your lot might not be private doesn't mean you can do anything with your backyard.   In most cases, you can get a picket fence.   Take a look next time you're out on the links and notice the number of homes that have hot tubs, decks, and pools.  They use landscaping to offer more privacy in most of those cases. 

Cost Is a Factor

Of course, living on a golf course is considered a luxury, and luxuries come at a cost. You can expect to pay more for a golf front property than you would for other homes. You may find that a home just across the street has a higher price tag because it’s closer to the golf course. There are also often HOA fees associated with these homes. On the other hand, these homes generally do not lose much, if any, value over time. That makes them a very stable investment. If you have a great view from your home, it’s even more likely you’ll be able to sell it quickly and for asking or above.

Ready to Find the Perfect Golf Front Home?

If you’re ready to start the search for a great golf front home, we’re here to help. Contact Florida Realty Marketplace today.

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