4 Home Problems That Seem Scary but Really Aren'tIf you’ve found the perfect home for sale in Kissimmee, and the seller has accepted your bid, now all you have left to do is tick off the closing to-do list. But on this list includes the inspection.

No matter how great the home looks to you, an inspector is trained to find every possible issue. These can range from the foundation to the presence of mold!

But don’t freak out – while some of these issues can be major and require you to pull out of the deal, some of them really aren’t as scary as they seem at first. Here are four of them to think about.

Mold Can Be a Minor Issue

If your home inspector found mold, that doesn’t mean the entire house is full of dangerous black mold that will cause all sorts of health issues. It could be nothing more than a small amount of mold under a bathroom sink that has been leaking.

If the mold was only found in one area, it can easily be dealt with and maintained. As long as it isn’t a large amount of mold or mold hasn’t been found in multiple places, it’s likely not an issue that requires you to back out of your dream home.

Asbestos Is Only Harmful if it’s Disturbed

Many homes that were built prior to the early 1990s likely have asbestos in them somewhere. This material was used to insulate pipes, heating ducts, and other areas. Fortunately, the presence of asbestos actually isn’t anything to worry about.

In its inert state, it’s not harmful at all. The problems occur when it’s disturbed and particles of asbestos get into the air. Asbestos is nearly always enclosed in walls, the attic, or other areas where you won’t come into contact with it, so there’s no risk of touching it or damaging it.

The only time you need to be concerned is if the asbestos has started to crumble or is in any other way damaged or moved.

Foundation Issues May Not Be That Bad

Of course, you want to make certain your home sits on a good, solid foundation. However, this doesn’t mean that a foundation issue means your home is going to fall apart or collapse in the middle.

Some foundation issues can be repaired with the addition of a few piers or a new beam. While these are still repairs that require the aid of a professional foundation company, they don’t mean the house is unstable or that you should pull out of the purchase. They’re fairly common repairs in some areas, so don’t be too scared.

Are All Roofing Problems Serious?

While the foundation holds your home, the roof protects it from the elements. Replacing a roof can be a major expense, which is why you certainly want to have any home you’re buying inspected for roof damage.

Fortunately, though, there are some minor roof issues that aren’t too significant. It’s common for a few shingles to be loose or other small issues. Even a small leak may not be anything to be very concerned about, as long as it can be fixed easily.

Your home inspector and real estate agent have likely seen just about every kind of problem a house can have, and they can advise you on what’s serious and what isn’t. Remember to fully read the inspection report before you get scared.

The findings are going to include every single minor thing the inspector found, right down to items such as a closet door that doesn’t fully latch and a window screen with a slight rip in it. Most of these items aren’t anything to be concerned about.

Ready to Start the House Hunt?

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