4 Helpful Tips In Preparing Your Home For Sale During The Holidays

Posted by Florida Realty Marketplace on Thursday, December 12th, 2019 at 9:51am

4 Helpful Tips In Preparing Your Home For Sale During The HolidaysFrom November to December, homeowners are busy decorating their homes for the holiday season. But what should homeowners do if they’re trying to sell their home in the midst of it all?

With all of the houses for sale in Haines City, FL, how can you make yours stand out during the holidays? Here are three things to do to help make this process a little easier.

1. Set Expectations

Showing Your Home

Your agent understands the holidays are busy, as do the agents showing houses. Make sure they know you need a little time to be ready for a showing. Don’t make it too hard on them but asking for a couple of hours’ notice is a reasonable expectation.

Types of Buyers

Also, know that you’ll likely face serious buyers only during the holiday season. Buyers are different than shoppers. People looking at houses can be either one, but during the holidays, the “shoppers” are probably at the mall instead of touring homes.

Pricing Your Home

Typically, the real estate market sees less activity during the winter season. However, there are also a lot fewer homes listed, and that can help you get the best price for your house.

Rethink Your Holiday Commitments

Let your family and friends know you won’t be hosting that big holiday dinner this year, or perhaps scale down your commitments so you can focus on selling your house quickly. Basically, find ways to make it easier to show the house by reducing workload in other areas. Your family and friends will understand!

2. Decorate, Decorate, Decorate

Now is the time to break out all the Christmas decorations. Start outside and do the job right. Hang lights on the house, put some wreaths on the door and windows and lights in the trees and shrubs.

Stay away from things that block the view of the house like over-the-top inflatables but use complementary lights will make your curb appeal pop.

Put fake candles in the window sills, and light up the tree or other decorations as you celebrate your holiday.

3. Set the Holiday Tone

If you’re baking or cooking something tasty, it probably smells good, too. Having a few treats out for the agent and their buyers can set the tone for a pleasant negotiation, too.

If you have a scheduled showing, some light holiday music helps to set the tone. Turn on all the lights (even during the day) and leave during the time they are scheduled. Ask the agent to text you when they’re done so you can come home and relax.

4. Be Flexible

Stuff happens. Schedules get bumped, and friends drop in unexpectedly. It can be frustrating when the agent and buyer show up early (or late), but it’s a time to smile and welcome them in. Just excuse yourself, and let them take a quick look. If they love the house, you can schedule a more convenient time to let them take a second look if they need it.

Don’t follow them around if you happen to be home. Just go out of earshot and enjoy a glass of punch or eggnog for a few minutes.

These buyers are looking for a place to call home, and you have a house to sell, so don’t be upset when things don’t go exactly to plan. Remember, you are in control of how you respond to situations, so smile and go with the flow.

It’s a good time to sell right now with little inventory on the market and serious buyers looking for a new place to live. Enjoy your family and friends this season, and you just might get a great offer on your house.

At Florida Realty Marketplace, we are always willing to help you when you need to buy or sell a home, so give us a call or just drop in. We can help you sell your home, no matter the season.

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