10 Surprising Statistics on Snowbirds in Florida for 2023

10 Surprising Statistics on Snowbirds in Florida for 2023

Anyone who lives in Florida knows what October means: the beginning of snowbird season! Snowbirds are people who come from a colder climate, often New York or Canada, and spend the winter in Florida. Snowbirds usually maintain a home in Florida that they can use to enjoy a warm and tropical winter away from the snow and frigid wind. But even those who know snowbirds may be surprised by some of the statistics on this demographic! 

1. The Number of Snowbird Population During the Winter

It is estimated that Florida has about one million residents who spend only part of the year, but at least one month, in the Sunshine State. During this time period, the population of Florida is about 5% higher than it is in other months. This doesn't include the state's 122 million tourists each year, who usually stay much less time. 

2. The Average Age of Snowbirds in Florida

The majority of snowbirds nationally are retirees, which means they tend to be older, between 50 and 69 years old. This population is able to move between states easily because they do not hold jobs in their home states and may have more money to be able to own and maintain multiple homes. Snowbirds of this age can also fit in nicely in Florida, which has a high retiree population and may enjoy senior-focused activities during their stay.

3. The Average Stay of Snowbirds in Florida

By definition, a snowbird stays in Florida for at least one month of the year but not the whole year. The formal "season" for snowbirds spans October to April, and it's common for them to spend the full six months there. Some will stay for shorter periods or may return home for the holidays in November or December before returning to finish out the season. 

4. The Effect of Snowbirds on Exchange Rate

The vast majority of winter visitors in Florida are from Canada. While living in two countries poses many challenges, one that is often cited is the exchange rate. Especially in times of high inflation, a strong U.S. dollar can mean that Canadians are spending more during their time in Florida. 

5. The Most Popular Cities for Snowbirds in Florida

Snowbirds can be found throughout all of Florida - usually closer to the coasts, but most of Florida is a short drive from the coast! 

Some of the most popular places for snowbirds are: 

  • Fort Myers
  • Naples
  • Davenport
  • Destin
  • Sarasota
  • Clearwater 
  • Cape Coral 
  • Panama City Beach 
  • Palm Beach
  • Boca Raton 

Different people may have different preferences that help them decide where to settle, but there is a strong community of snowbirds in these areas. 

6. The Most Popular Activities for Snowbirds in Florida

Snowbirds come to Florida to escape the cold winters in their hometowns, so it's no surprise you'll often find them outside. Sitting on the beach or boardwalk, swimming, or enjoying Florida's many lakes and trails are usually at the top of their list when it comes to activities. 

Because Florida has a large population of retirees and senior citizens, there are also many activities available for this demographic. Snowbirds who are also retirees may enjoy local classes in the arts, exercise, and anything else you can think of!

7. The Impact of Snowbirds on Florida's Local Economy

Snowbird season often means an influx of customers for Florida businesses. In fact, in 2019, these visitors were estimated to have contributed over $95 billion to the Florida economy. In turn, they supported over 1.6 million jobs in Florida. 

Along with creating a need for service jobs, snowbirds usually own real estate in Florida that can be rented out in the off months, which generates more value for the state. 

8. The Average Spending of Snowbirds in Florida

Snowbirds are a diverse group, so while some will be very frugal, others may spend an extravagant amount to enjoy their time down south. The major costs are long-term items like housing, transport to and from Florida, and associated costs like insurance. From there, additional things like activities and food can contribute to spending and the Florida economy. Estimates say that a single season as a snowbird can range from $10,000 to $21,000, depending on these factors.  

9. The Impact of Snowbirds on Florida's Housing Prices

Florida real estate is at a premium for a variety of reasons: a higher cost of living, the proximity to beautiful beaches, and growing populations. Snowbirds tend to live in concentrated areas and can increase the demand for housing in the state. But as many of them rent their homes in the off months, snowbirds can also provide housing supply, making them a key part of the real estate market in Florida. 

10. The Impact of Snowbirds on Florida's Jobs

While most snowbirds don't work, they are a huge fuel for employment in Florida. It is estimated that over 1.6 million jobs each year depend on snowbirds, usually because restaurants and leisure activities hire extra hands during the winter. Additionally, hotels and resorts that house snowbirds tend to gain stability from their visits. Anyone who works off of a gratuity will tell you that snowbird season is a lucrative time for them because of the higher population! 

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