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Are you preparing to put your home on the market, or are you looking to buy a new house? Either way, you need an experienced Davenport realtor on your side.

These housing market experts do more than just look for listings that match your needs or put your house up for sale online.

They’re your best resource for buying or selling a home, and there are many reasons why you want to have a great Davenport real estate agent on your side.

Make More Money with a Davenport Realtor

Every seller wants to make top dollar for their property, while the buyer wants the best possible deal on their dream home. Sometimes, sellers assume that selling their house on their own, or for sale by owner (FSBO), will save them money, but the opposite has proven to be true. A 2017 study found that FSBO sellers make 30% less than those who used a real estate agent.

Why wouldn’t you work with a Davenport real estate agent to complete one of the largest transactions you’ll ever make? They’ll have your best interest in mind, and a majority of the time, working with them won’t cost you anything. Plus, they know exactly what to look for when viewing homes. They can quickly spot “red flags” that buyers may have never noticed.

Davenport Realtors Are Master Negotiators

Unless you’re an attorney or a Davenport real estate agent yourself, negotiating may not be your strong suit. That’s where an agent comes in. It’s their duty to get the best possible price for your home or negotiate an incredible deal on the home you’d like to buy.

They can lean on their extensive experience for negotiation techniques—methods that you are likely unaware of as a buyer or seller. Additionally, they don’t have an emotional stake in the transaction, which means they can provide an unbiased perspective when it comes to negotiating. You might be willing to shell out an additional $5,000 to secure your dream home, but a good real estate agent will tell you that it’s not necessary and will help you leverage other negotiating factors.

How can you tell if the agent you’ve found is the best one for you? Here are some of the questions you should ask to find an exceptional Davenport real estate agent.

Questions To Ask Davenport Realtors

How Well Do You Know the Area?

A quality real estate agent will know not just Davenport, but the specific neighborhood you’re looking in or live in. Davenport neighborhoods can vary widely, even if they’re located next to each other.

For example, one neighborhood may be classified as a historic district, placing more restrictions on what you can and cannot do to the home. Another may be predominately made up of vacationers looking to rent rather than buy, which can affect your selling strategy.

An agent who is familiar with your area and the type of homes within it will be able to deliver better options – whether you’re buying or selling.

What Kind of Experience Do You Have?

While it’s true that every real estate agent has to start somewhere, most start as a junior agent working under someone with more experience. If you meet an agent who has just earned their license and is on their own, they may not have the experience needed to get you the best deal.

You want to work with the best, and that means you need someone who has a number of home purchases and/or sales under their belt. That being said, don’t be afraid to ask the potential agent how many homes they’ve sold in the past year. Although this number is more important for sellers, it can still give you insight into how they are.

Do You Work With a Team?

A real estate agent shouldn’t try to do everything themselves. The best agents have a support team that handles much of the paperwork, advertising, and other parts of buying and selling a home.

Some agents may try to do everything, but they’re not experts in all areas. For example, while a real estate agent can snap some pictures of your home, they may not understand the best angles and lighting like a professional photographer does.

Plus, they may not necessarily understand how to layout a professional marketing flyer or how to use social media to drive potential buyers to your listing. That’s why top agents have a team of experts who focus on these and other areas.

Do Homes You List Typically Sell At or Above List Price?

If you’re looking to sell your home, you want a good price for the property and for it to sell quickly. No one wants to have to pay utilities, or worse, a mortgage on a property that’s empty, especially if you’re also paying the mortgage and utilities on a new house.

A listing agent who has sold most of their properties at the list price or above is someone who knows how to value a property and how to market it correctly. On the other hand, someone who has sold most of their properties only after the price was lowered or after the house sat for several months may not be the best agent for you.

If you’re looking for an agent to help you buy a home, looking at their listing versus selling prices doesn’t tell you much about how they are as a buyer’s agent. However, it can still give you an idea of their overall performance.

What’s Your Marketing Strategy?

One of the greatest benefits of working with an agent is that they have tried-and-true marketing strategies to sell homes quickly. They will put together a strategy to ensure a quick and profitable sale.

Plus, when it comes to marketing your house, they know which features are highly sought after and which ones should be downplayed. As a seller, it’s natural to have an emotional attachment to your home. However, you may not realize that the “charming historic porch” you want to highlight actually needs to be completely redone in order to appeal to potential buyers.

Do You Have a Referral List?

As with any new relationship, it’s a good idea to ask for a list of referrals – previous clients that worked with this agent. Be wary of agents who don’t have referrals or aren’t willing to provide them to you.

Look to the Best Davenport Real Estate Agents

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