Homes for Sale in Orlando, FL 32824

Homes for Sale in Orlando, FL 32824
If you mention to a non-Florida resident that you’re looking at homes for sale in Orlando, FL, you might expect them to ask one question immediately: “How close to Disney?” While Orlando is best known for housing Disney World, Universal Studios, and other large theme parks, it is actually a sprawling urban and suburban area with so much more to offer residents.

Over two million people currently live in Orlando, spread throughout a range of neighborhoods, with something to suit everyone’s needs. 

An Orlando for Everyone

When presented with someone visiting or moving to Orlando, an Orlando-native may say, “Which one?” While this is a joke, it’s true that Orlando represents a range of experiences. From the city-like atmosphere of downtown Orlando to the 1920s bungalow-adorned suburbs to the heart of theme park country, the opportunities in Orlando are endless.

But all of these experiences combine into the greater area, which is a tourist destination for more than just the theme parks that the city prides itself on.

Education and Employment in Orlando

Because Orlando is located close to large employers, from Disney itself to large healthcare players, the city is consistently ranked as one of the best for job seekers. The hospitality industry means there is never a shortage of service jobs available, but many are surprised to learn that Orlando’s downtown area houses a number of headquarters for large companies, including Siemens, JetBlue, and Oracle Corporation.

Similarly, Orlando has been praised for its excellent school system with multiple well-ranked districts in the area. Public and private schools boast low teacher-to-student ratios and high proficiency in basic skills. In addition to primary and secondary education, the University of Central Florida is also located in Orlando. The public research university has over 230 degree programs and almost 72,000 students. Valencia College is also a smaller, lower-cost option in the area.

Endless Entertainment

It can’t be denied that one of Orlando’s biggest draws are the theme parks. While most people associate the city with Disney World and Universal Studios, there are actually a dozen theme parks in the area, giving kids and adults alike access to activities that most people may only see once in their lives.

But even if theme parks aren’t for you, there is a huge amount of culture available in the Orlando area. For one, it is a huge sports city, with professional and college teams based out of Orlando. Everything from basketball to football to soccer is available, with no shortage of games and events to attend.

Orlando also boasts an annual film festival, top-notch museums dedicated to science and art, and a range of concert and performance venues. Add that to the wide array of restaurants, and no one in Orlando will ever be bored.

Who Lives in Orlando?

Because Orlando is a large city, there is a huge diversity in the residents. Most of Orlando’s residents are working age, unlike the state of Florida as a whole which has a larger number of retired residents. The progressive outlook of Orlando has brought a large LGBTQ community to the area, as well as residents from all areas of the world.

Young professionals are often found in Orlando, particularly the city center where offices are headquartered. Families represent a large portion of the suburbs and the areas near the theme parks.

Housing in Orlando, FL

While it’s a big city, Orlando boasts a cost of living just below the national average. With an average salary of $85,000, low property taxes, and no state income tax, Orlando can be a financially sound option for many people. The housing market has been trending up in recent years, so it’s a great time to purchase a home in the area.

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