Living Near DisneyOne of the most common questions we get from people relocating to central Florida is, “what are the pros and cons of living near Disney?” To be honest, if you’re in one of the suburban cities and are looking at homes for sale in Winter Garden, for instance, then you get all the pros and almost none of the cons. However, if you’re planning to live next to the park, we thought we’d put together a list for you of the pros and cons of living near Disney.

Cons Of Living Near Disney


The most notable con to living near Disney is the traffic, particularly during the Summer, when 49 other states descend on Florida for vacations. Luckily, the attractions outside and the park itself are the main areas where traffic is particularly difficult. Unless you work at the park or are visiting the park, you can realistically go around it.


Assuming you live within a mile of the park you get the blessing and the curse of hearing the fireworks every night there’s a show. That’s most nights and that’s 3 or 4 times a night many times due to the number of parks that are part of the Disney package.


The traffic that is around the park is a result of tourists visiting the park. In general, this is good for the economy and tax income for your locale. Depending on your disposition you might not like tourists. In general, they don’t know where they are going if they are driving around and if you need to get somewhere fast, they might not be the people you want to encounter.

Higher Prices

The areas near Disney are more expensive. There, we said it. Every business owner is paying a premium to catch that massive traffic flow of tourists that we mentioned and as a result, they pass that high rent on to consumers. The price difference isn’t so bad, but it’s noticeable for gas. You can expect around a 20% increase in gas prices on all major routes into and around the park.

Pros Of Living Near Disney


If you love living near a place that has something to do every night, then the metro Orlando area is your place to be. Even with all the things Disney has to offer, there are a ton of other things you can do. On top of it all, Orlando is a major city with an NBA team and all the other trappings that you’d expect from a first-class metropolitan city.


Imagine living near the park and being able to meet someone at Disney for coffee? There are so many entertainment opportunities that you can take them at your leisure. As we mentioned above, there is traffic and tourists near Disney but in suburban areas, like Clermont, there are new construction and families living with little impact from the park. Meaning, families can enjoy the proximity of the park without the downside.


As mentioned, regarding entertainment, Orlando is a big city. There are plenty of jobs available and a stable economy due in part to the park means growth for years to come.

Income Potential

This one is really requiring an asterisk because whether you can enjoy this benefit is dependent on your deed restrictions. Some may be surprised when moving to Florida to find such restrictions! However, if you don’t have any restrictions, living near Disney could mean that you have a prime location for a hot BnB or perhaps vacation rental for the aforementioned tourists. In all seriousness, unless you live next to the park, there really aren’t any cons to moving to the Orlando area. That’s why so many choose to relocate to Kissimmee and find homes for sale in Davenport and surrounding suburbs.

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