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Kissimmee Real Estate AgentsPerhaps the most important part of buying or selling a home is finding the right Kissimmee real estate agent. Without one of these professionals on your side, the entire process becomes much, much more difficult.

Kissimmee real estate agents understand the local Kissimmee housing market, what people are looking for, how to negotiate to get the best price, and much more. Whether you’re buying or selling, the sheer wealth of information a Realtor can provide is invaluable. Plus, their connections to lenders, contractors, and others are unmatched.

Here’s everything you need to know about Kissimmee real estate agents and the market.

A Kissimmee Real Estate Agent Translates into More Money

Even if you’re familiar with the buying and selling process, you still need a real estate agent on your side. That’s because surveys show that the top agents can make you more money. If you have a selling agent who ranks in the top five percent in Kissimmee, for example, you’re much more likely to sell your house for the list price. That’s because they understand how to market the property to Kissimmee buyers, highlighting everything that makes your house amazing.

Buyers can save money with an agent, too. Agents know how to translate small defects or damages with the property into credits and other money-saving deals with the seller. For example, a good agent may get the seller to agree to take off several thousand dollars just because the carpet appears worn in one area.  Statistically, a good FULL-TIME Kissimmee Real Estate Agent can often save you more than the money they earn.

Find an Agent Who Knows the Kissimmee Area

Kissimmee Real Estate SpecialistHowever, getting more for a home or getting the price reduced does take negotiating skills. It also requires the real estate agent to know Kissimmee and the surrounding area very well. These agents have been there long enough to learn what drives people to buy in this area.

They know what home buyers want, and they can identify how a property meets those needs. When considering an agent, ask how long they have worked in the area so you can get an idea of how familiar they are with Kissimmee.

Questions When Hiring A Kissimmee Real Estate Agent

Does the Agent Have a Team?

A great real estate agent can do a lot, but they’re still only one person.  Some Realtors have a team helping them handle every transaction. They may have a person who handles all of the closing paperwork, for example or someone who runs their open houses. They likely have an office manager who takes phone calls and arranges appointments.  

Ask your potential agent about the size of their team and how they divide up tasks. If it seems like your agent doesn’t have the support they need to handle a large number of clients, it’s possible they could get overwhelmed or won’t be able to give you the attention you want.  

That being said, professional full-time real estate agents in Kissimmee Fl, like Florida Realty Marketplace have the best of both worlds.  Highly personalized service and a team to back up and help out on all the "behind the scenes" things.

What Are Their Selling Stats?

This won’t be as important if you’re buying, but if you’re selling a property, you want to know what your agent’s numbers are.

How many of their listings sell at or above list price?

In Realtor lingo, it's called, "List To Sell Price Ratio."  Essentially, this is the amount of money that a Kissimmee Realtor got for a seller relative to what they marketed the home for.   It's important for 2 reasons. 

  1. It gives you an indication on the agent's negotiation prowess.  Can they get you what you agree on as the price?
  2. It helps you identify the "sweet talkers."   There are real estate agents that want your listing no matter what.  These agents will agree to market your home at a price they know will not sell in hopes you'll lower your price when they fail.  

What is the average time a home is on the market before it sells?

Average "Days On Market."   There are 2 numbers you want to know in Kissimme FL.  You want to know what is the average days on the market so that you'll know how long it typically takes for a home to sell.  The other number is the agent's personal number.    When getting these numbers as your agent if "days on market" mean how long it takes for a home to go under contract or how long it takes for a home to be sold and closed in Kissimmee.  Usually a big difference.  

How many homes does the agent sell in a year? 

Did you know the average agent in Kissimmee FL only sells around 6 homes a year!  That's one every other month!  Would you want a Dr. or anyone doing work for you that they only did a few times a year?  This is why it's important to ask this question.   There are real estate agents in Kissimmee that sell 20, 50 and 100+ homes a year.  The number of homes an agent sells doesn't always mean they are best.  What you are looking for is competence.  Does the agent do enough transactions to be ready for might happen in yours?

What Are Their Real Estate Marketing Strategies?

Whether you’re buying or selling a Kissimmee home, your agent should have a documented strategy for helping you. They should be able to tell you exactly how they will market your home to get the most interest. 

If you’re buying a home, they should create a negotiating plan unique to the property you want that leverages that property’s weak points. You should know exactly what your real estate agent has planned and how they will accomplish your goals.

Kissimmee Realtor Insights From Florida Realty Marketplace

Kissimmee Realtors

Age of homes in Kissimmee

When people think of the greater Orlando area, they think everything is new.  Actually, Kissimmee Real Estate is a bit older by real estate standards.  That's all relative though. 

  • Over 60% of Kissimmee's real estate was built between 1970 and 1999. 
  • However, almost 30 percent (28.1), is new homes for sale in Kissimmee. 
  • The other 10% of Kissimmee are typical "update" targets for being build prior to 1970. 

Sizes of homes in Kissimmee

As you might expect, 3 bedrooms make up the most of houses in Kissimmee.  However, the real estate landscape is certainly dominated with condos in Kissimme, with over 43% of homes having 2 bedrooms or less.    There are a few 4 bedroom homes, especially in new construction, however if you need more than that, then you'll have to look a little harder, 5+ bedroom homes make up just over 2%. 

The Best Kissimmee FL Real Estate Agents

At Florida Realty Marketplace we have The Best Kissimmee FL Real Estate Agents that specialize in greater Kissimmee, Davenport, Haines City or Orlando with our office in Davenport.  

Whether you're looking for homes for sale in Kissimmee or perhaps Condos for sale in Celebration in Kissimmee FL, we've got you covered.  

Led by Bob Anarumo and, Florida Realty Marketplace is a leader in all aspects of real estate, including new construction, rentals, and resales.  

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