Homes for Sale in Lakeland, FL 33809

Homes for Sale in Lakeland, FL 33809
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The Spirit of Lakeland

With a history dating back to Florida’s old pioneers in the 1870s, Lakeland was built around 38 lakes found in the area. This background is never far from your mind in Lakeland, as the heritage of the town is celebrated through a series of landmarks that bring the city together for a small-town feel. Residents pride themselves on a tradition of philanthropy and volunteerism, as well as making an effort to give every visitor a sense of community.

Historic Districts and Modern Activities

Within the city of Lakeland, there are seven distinct historic districts that surround 13 individual landmarks and over 1600 historical buildings. The streets in these areas are lined with trees and bricks for a nostalgic feel. These districts include Dixieland, Beacon Hill, East Lake Morton, South Lake Morton, and Biltmore-Cumberland.

The landmarks that surround these areas are more than history; they’re also parts of the local culture. Multiple schools are in this category, as well as the Polk Theatre and thriving agricultural districts. Lakeland also boasts the largest single-site collection of Frank Lloyd Wright’s work in the world, as well as a Safari Wilderness adventure and the Circle B Bar Reserve.

Land of Opportunity

Lakeland is not tied to a single industry- there is an opportunity for many lines of work. The most common jobs are sales and office worker roles, and the education level is 22% higher than the national average. There is also a thriving agricultural center where citrus is grown, processed, and distributed.

Along with the local job market, Lakeland is located near many larger cities and attractions. Theme parks and beaches are all a drive away.

Who Should Move to Lakeland?

Lakeland offers a quiet and peaceful ambiance, perfect for those with families or seeking solace from a bustling city. With lake views and small neighborhoods, many people choose Lakeland for a slower pace of life. However, that doesn’t mean that Lakeland is a completely sleepy city. In fact, there are a number of well-attended nightclubs, concert venues, and restaurants and bars in the area that make a night on the town possible.

Families often choose Lakeland for access to highly rated schools and cultural experiences. About half of the population is married, and roughly 20% is over the age of 65, making Lakeland a great place for almost anyone to live.

Buying a Home in Lakeland

Homes in Lakeland are predominantly single-family detached homes, though there are plenty of apartment buildings and mobile homes in the area. Despite the historic nature of the area, the median year for construction is 1983, with many new constructions available as well. The median value of a home in Lakeland is $240,000 with a wide range and homes for everybody- Lakeland is about 30% below the national average for home costs, and the cost of living is 13% below national levels.

Property taxes and sales taxes are also low in addition to Florida’s lack of a state income tax. All of these factors make Lakeland an extremely affordable option, especially considering the proximity to the beach and lakes.

If you want to live in a place that feels like a vacation year-round, with warm weather and access to the beach, consider purchasing a home in Lakeland, FL.

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