Save The Everglades Scholarship


Helping people buy and sell homes isn’t our only focus here at Florida Realty Marketplace. We care deeply about the environment, and we’re a huge advocate of preserving the Florida Everglades.

The Everglades is a one-of-a-kind ecosystem of wetlands that make up the biggest wilderness east of the Mississippi River and the largest subtropical wilderness in the United States. It’s internationally recognized as a unique and treasured ecosystem, but it’s also been identified as one of the most endangered ecoregions in North America due to development, clearing, and water diversion over time.

In order to raise awareness and promote protection of the Everglades, Florida Realty Marketplace is proud to offer a $500 scholarship for college & high school students pursing a degree in the Science or Legal field. We’re looking for bright, talented students who care about the environment to apply for this unique opportunity. See our form and more details below.

Who can apply:  high school and college students
What are the qualifications: Interested in majoring in a science
or political discipline
Award Amount: $500
Submission Deadline: 6/1/2023

Applications for the 2023 Save the Everglades Scholarship are now closed. Thank you for your submissions!