Questions to Ask When Buying A HouseWhen looking through the different homes for sale in Kissimmee, FL, you’ll quickly need information about the home you’re considering. Asking the right questions will give you a lot of insight about the home and the circumstances surrounding its sale. Prior to buying your next home, consider asking the seller some of the following questions about the house.

Best Questions to Ask About Houses for Sale in Kissimmee, FL

Why Is The Home For Sale Now?

The first question to consider is why the seller has decided now is the time to sell their house. Some people want to get a bigger or smaller house because of their specific circumstances. Others had a job transfer, or they want to move closer to family.

However, not all buyers are going to be honest when asked this question. But in most cases, you can get an idea how urgently the seller needs to sell based on their answer. The benefit? This can give you negotiation power!

What Comes with the House?

Another important question to discuss is what all comes with the house at the sale price. This information can be found in the seller disclosure statement but may not be entirely obvious with a quick glance.

Some houses include appliances, while others do not. Carefully read through the disclosure to ensure there’s no overlap or gaps with your move. For example, you might be bringing your fridge with you in the move, but the sellers want to leave theirs behind. Is there a pool table in the basement? Check to see if they’re planning to take it with them.

In addition to appliances, some houses include other items on the property like mobile sheds, so check the disclosure. Asking what’s included allows you to manage the budget for what you would still need with that knowledge.

Have You Done Any Recent Renovations or Repairs?

Have any recent repairs been made, such as the siding, roof, windows, or doors? Perhaps some of the appliances were recently replaced, such as the hot water heater or refrigerator. These are all great pieces of knowledge to have – all of which can also be found in the seller disclosure.

What are the Pros and Cons?

Finally, you should see if the seller is willing to share the pros and cons of their home. Some will only point out the high points, or “pros” of the home, and this should be something to be wary of. Every house has some type of a problem in its past. If they give you insight about a past problem, it can help you determine what future issues you may face.  It's a common mistake home buyers make.

However, it’s also important to note that what could be a “con” for one owner could be a “pro” for the next. For example, the seller may not like being close to the highway due to traffic, while the potential buyer has that as a required feature in their next home.

Other Bits of Information You May Benefit From

Many details you can find on the home listing, making it easier than having to ask the seller. You’ll want to know things like:

  • Any previous listing price the house had
  • How many days the house has been on the market
  • When the home was built (allowing you to know if older building materials were used during the home’s creation)
  • Nearby schools
  • Whether or not the home is on city plumbing or a septic system.
  • What type of electrical system the house currently has (100 amp, 200 amp, circuit breakers, etc.)

Having answers to questions about a house before you put in an offer can help you go from just buying a house, to buying the home of your dreams. By knowing things like renovations and if you are going to have to purchase appliances, you are able to manage your budget more effectively. Turn to the experts at Florida Realty Marketplace when it comes to getting answers about any of the houses for sale in Kissimmee, FL! Contact us today to speak to a local real estate agent.

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