Average HOA Fees in Florida Compared [2024]

In 2024, understanding Homeowners Association (HOA) fees is more crucial than ever for anyone involved in the Florida real estate market. Whether you're a first-time buyer, a seasoned investor, or simply considering a move to the Sunshine State, these fees can significantly impact your budget and lifestyle decisions. This guide provides a comprehensive comparison of average HOA fees across various Florida locales, helping you make well-informed real estate choices.

Understanding HOA Fees in Florida

HOA fees are monthly or annual charges paid by homeowners within a community to cover shared amenities and services. These fees typically finance the maintenance of common areas, landscaping, and amenities like pools, gyms, and clubhouses. They may also include services like trash removal and sometimes even utilities.

Several factors influence the amount of HOA fees. The more amenities a community offers, the higher the fees might be. Location plays a key role too; communities in more desirable areas often have higher fees. The size of the community also matters; larger communities might have lower per-household fees due to economies of scale.

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Average HOA Fees in Major Florida Cities [2024]

In Florida, average HOA fees typically range between $100 to $350, varying based on community amenities and maintenance needs. These fees can escalate to $400 to $800 for significant enhancements like swimming pools or clubhouses, especially in luxury areas. Communities without immediate plans for major amenities often have lower fees, from $100 to $250. 

There's been a modest rise in HOA fees across Florida's cities in recent years, reflecting the evolution in real estate, the increasing costs of amenities and services, and the balance between luxury and affordability in different locales. The diverse fee structures in 2024 mirror the variety of lifestyles and amenities offered across Florida's major cities.

  • Miami: Given its reputation for luxury condos and upscale communities, Miami's HOA fees might range from $350 to $500 per month. These fees likely cover high-end amenities like fitness centers, pools, and security services.

  • Orlando: As a city that balances world-class amenities with affordability, Orlando's HOA fees might be in the range of $300 to $450 per month. This range reflects the city's diverse mix of recreational facilities and practical services.

  • Tampa: Known for family-friendly living, Tampa's communities might offer HOA fees ranging from $250 to $400 per month. These fees often include maintenance of community pools, playgrounds, and basic services.

  • Jacksonville: As a growing metropolitan area, Jacksonville might have an average HOA fee ranging from $220 to $370 per month, focusing on essential amenities while keeping fees reasonable.

  • Fort Lauderdale: With its waterfront properties, the average HOA fee in Fort Lauderdale could be around $320 to $470 per month, covering amenities like boat docks and waterfront upkeep.

  • West Palm Beach: As a city with a mix of urban and upscale residential areas, the HOA fees could range from $250 to $400, depending on the community and amenities offered.

  • Naples: Known for its luxury properties and high-end amenities, Naples might see HOA fees ranging from $350 to $600 per month.

  • Sarasota: With its mix of historic and modern neighborhoods, Sarasota's HOA fees might range from $200 to $450 per month, varying greatly based on location and amenities.

Table: Comparison of Average HOA Fees in Florida Cities



                              Estimated HOA Fee Range (Monthly)


                              $350 - $500


                              $300 - $450


                              $250 - $400


                              $220 - $370

                              Fort Lauderdale

                              $320 - $470

                              West Palm Beach

                              $250 - $400


                              $350 - $600


                              $200 - $450

HOA Fees in Florida: Condos vs. Townhouses

In Florida's condo market, the average HOA fees are usually higher, around $350-$400 per month, reflecting the high maintenance demands of shared spaces and amenities like elevators, gyms, and pools. Security features, including gated entries and surveillance, also add to the cost. 

In contrast, townhouses, with fewer shared amenities and more individual responsibility for upkeep, have lower HOA fees, averaging around $200-$250 per month. For potential buyers, this difference is significant, affecting not only their monthly budgeting but also their lifestyle choices and the kind of community they prefer to live in. Dive deeper into the specifics with our article on Condo vs. Townhouse

Tips for Evaluating HOA Fees When Buying Property in Florida

When considering a property in Florida, it's essential to evaluate the HOA fees thoroughly:

  • Understand What the Fee Covers: Ensure you know what amenities and services you're paying for.

  • Compare Fees Across Similar Properties: This will give you a sense of what's reasonable in the area.

  • Consider the Future: Are there plans for amenity upgrades that might increase fees?

  • Review HOA's Financial Health: A well-funded HOA is less likely to impose significant fee increases.

Ready to Explore Florida Real Estate? Partner with a Local Agent

Understanding HOA fees is critical in making informed real estate decisions in Florida. Whether you're buying your first home or investing in a vacation property, these fees can significantly impact your budget and lifestyle.

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